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Light Box

The office design by ResearchIIEnquiryIIDesign is all about co-working, positivity and an open work culture.

ResearchIIEnquiryIIDesign, or RED as it is popularly called, is a design practice with a process-oriented approach to design. The team at RED is a group of self motivated people who are in sync with a common purpose. In keeping with their core values, they recently finished a co-working office place at Mumbai.

´The office is spread over two levels, with each floor following a different ideology. The lower floor is an open format work space, while the upper floor is for interactions and discussions. It has a café like vibe, and the feel of an urban lounge is perpetuated throughout the office. The concept was a result of the clients´ brief and how they wished to use the space,´ says the team at RED.

Lie of the land
The open format office on the lower floor features large joint work desks seating four people. These partition-less desks enable more visual and verbal interactions among co-workers. This central workspace culmi-¡nates into two closed discussion zones ´ one with casual sofa seating and another with a meeting table and an assortment of chairs. This space overlooks the outdoor garden.

The upper floor, which is termed as the café, is also broken down into three parts. The innermost section has sofa seating and the option of conducting audio/video conferencing. The outer section high tables and café chairs for causal group discussion. Lastly comes the outdoor space, which has a garden, with a deck abutting the office. This space is landscaped further to facilitate evening events.

Wall finishes
In an unusual use of elements, the lower level has a slate floor with light oak wood desks. The small meeting rooms towards the garden have writable wallpapered walls. ´The client required lot of surfaces that allowed visual illustrations during discussions. Hence this material was researched and applied, so that the aesthetic of the space would not be compromised upon,´ says Team RED. The upper floor has a grey carpet floor, sofa seating in one section, while the other section has polished wood finished high tables and bar stools as well as black and white café tables and chairs. A hardwood deck is placed outside the carpeted café floor, right before the landscaped lawn starts.

Colours in sync
The office has predominantly a monochro-¡matic colour scheme, with one highlighter element on each floor. The lower floor has a one directional wall, which is done up in lime green. It stands out amidst the black floor, light oak wood furniture and white ceilings. The upper floor has the same lime green colour on the exposed ceiling, along with a grey-carpeted floor and a combination of black and white walls and furniture.

´On this floor we have used exposed lighting, by way of oversized tungsten bulbs, which are attached to the ceiling with black metal connectors,´ elaborate the designers.

Distinct elements
On the lower floor, along the lime-green wall, a metal pipe has been used to further emphasise the unidirectional character of the space. This metal pipe bends and turns along the entire length of the wall. It becomes a support for a shelf in some places, a suspension system for a glass writing boards in some places and a brace for closed storage cabinets in other. On the café floor, against a black writable black board paint finished wall, the name of the company has been etched with small exposed tungsten bulbs.

´This actually also becomes a light feature in the room. It can be brightened during evening events and dimmed while using the projector screen that can be unfolded from the exposed ceiling as and when required,´ share the designers.

This office design by RED strives to provide an inspirational environ to the people working there while keeping up with the work culture of the company.

Total Area: 2,500 sq ft
photos: Sebastian Zachhariah
Red Architects, Research II Enquiry II Design Unit 407, Om Annexe, Plot 547, Behind Bhoomi Plaza Mall, Off Tulsi Pipe Road, Elphinstone, Mumbai - 400 028.
Tel: 022- 4322 6000.
Fax: 022-4322 6099.
Meet the designers
Maithili Raut, Apoorva Shroff, Ekta Puri & Rajiv Parekh
Firm: reD (ResearchIIEnquiryIIDesign) 2004.
Firm specialisation: Total design solutions from pin to piano!
Design philosophy: Inspiration comes from all kinds of sources, what sets one apart from another is the ability to distill that inspiration into something creative and interpret it to define the new language of the current context.
Philosophy towards life: ´The only thing standing between you and your dreams is...reluctance!´Carroll Bryant.
Favourite architect/Designer: Gurjeet Singh Matharoo & Diller+Scoffidio

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