March, 2017


 A true embodiment of east meets west, blogger and décor influencer, Sruthi Singh, talks to CW Interiors about her eclectic interior blog and Instagram account, @theeastcoastdesi.


Q What is the inspiration behind your Instagram account, @theeastcoastdesi (TECD)?

My Insta-gallery @theeastcoastdesi is strongly driven by my love for aesthetic beauty. However, inspiration also flows in from sources like good design, nature, art, colour, food, travel, photography, spontaneity and without a doubt incredible India.

Q What was the idea behind creating TECD and how has the journey been so far?

I started TECD with the intent to share my home decorating experiences. At the time, blogging seemed like the best medium for this. With time, TECD has also evolved into a platform to connect emerging and established artists and brands with an audience who appreciates experimental décor ideas and good design. Hopping onto the blogging bandwagon has been a fantastic ride so far! I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of creative and like-minded folks but more importantly it has led to the process of self-discovery and selfexpression. It has expanded my horizon when it comes to opportunities that involve doing things that I absolutely love. Photography, writing, interior & product styling are just some of the avenues that I have been able to add to my portfolio because of blogging.

Q Your blog claims to have “a global pulse with an Indian soul” - how do you establish this balance?

Consciously or subconsciously I am drawn to everything that is Indian. Having been born and brought up in India and spending 25 years of my life there, my soul is Indian. But having lived abroad for more than 12 years, I have also come to appreciate various other genres of decorating.With these combined experiences, I see that my very ethnic Indian style has progressed into a more global-eclectic style. And because of this, I find myself now drawn to brands, artists, design and décor inspiration with a more global interpretation that gets mirrored in the work I showcase on my blog.

Q What are some of the décor influences you’ve borrowed from India in your home in the United States?

India has so much to offer, so I was spoilt for choice. These were the décor elements I borrowed from India for my home. Artwork – majority of the artwork on my walls are the indigenous artwork from the various regions. Be it the Pichwai, Madhubani, Rajasthani miniatures, the Kerala wall murals or water colour paintings that were specifically commissioned to be made for my home with Indian themes by an Indian artist. Brass – Vintage brass artifacts bring in the luxe quotient with their muted aged patina. Indian Textiles – A great way to incorporate the rich jewel tones and pattern rich textile culture of India. Hand carved Furniture – Shopped for wooden furniture with more intricate details and hand carved elements.

Q What trends from 2017 do you love and follow?

I’m not a disciple of décor trends. I have a very simple rule that I follow when it comes to decorating. I’d like to term it as the “Living with what you love” trend. Décor to be a part of my home has to tug on my heartstrings and should mean something to me. Also while following trends, seeing too much of the same thing everywhere can get mind-numbing and unexciting for me.


Q How is Indian architecture and décor influencing global trends?

I’m not into trends but if I had to logically pick anything that is out there this year it would have to be the fact that artisan made products are trending. I think consumers now are more conscious of what they want to buy, who they want to source it from and the process that goes into making it. Adopting this trend can only mean a good thing for India, as this means more opportunities for our craftsmen and helping them to revive and sustain certain dying arts and craft forms of India.

Q What’s your personal style that reflects in your home?

I like to term my personal style as “Global-Desi!” It is a style that has a lot of Indian elements, generously mixed in with a contemporary feel. Colour, pattern, textures and interesting global treasures from our globetrotting escapades have come together to create a space that is truly a reflection of my family and me.

Q As a décor influencer, what are some of the common mistakes you see people making in their homes?

A home to me is a visual journal of one’s personality, design aesthetics, cultural influences, memories, life experiences and travel tales. This being said, I think people should head in the direction to curate their home thoughtfully rather than focusing on achieving a completed look in an “X” amount of time. With the latter attitude, the home tends to look very superficial and catalogue-ish. That does not mean you put it all out there on display. You have to learn to edit – a strong tool that most people usually tend to forget to use. Apart from that, one has to be able to visually comprehend the interplay of scale and proportion. You need the right mix to make a space interesting and balanced.

Q Any favorite architects and designers?

Oh, there are so many that come to mind. On the global scene there is Philippe Starck, Geoffrey Bawa, Schuyler Samperton, Madeline Stuart, Vicente Wolf, Kathryn Ireland, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Nate Berkus, Justina Blakeney. Closer to home and amongst the more recent players in the field of residential projects, I have come to love the work of Zero9, Shabnam Gupta, and Dipa Desai.

Q What makes a space truly stunning for you?

When a house is a thumbprint of its home owners with equal thought given to comfort, function and style, I think we have a cocktail to make a space stunning. But the cherry on top would be if the space has that quality to enhance everyday living and stir the people living there to live their creative and potential best!

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