What An Idea!

October, 2017


Kshitij Limaye, Executive Director,

The Idea Cellular office in Mumbai is a quirky office space equipped with latest office automations. With offbeat ideas, Sankalpan, the architectural firm responsible for the design, brings to light the creative side of this business office. Idea Cellular, a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group, is one of the biggest mobile network providers in the country. Spread over 1,00,000 sq ft from the 8th to the 12th floors of the Birla Centurion building, the new Idea Cellular office is situated in the established business district of Worli, Mumbai. The architectural firm, Sankalpan has introduced creative flexibility to the space to aid in collaborative working. While most of the closed spaces have been designed around the core areas of the building; the peripheral areas accommodate open co-working spaces. Some of the closed rooms include six- and eight- seater meeting rooms, board rooms, conference rooms, cabins for the senior members of the team, CEO cabins each of which is complimented with a dedicated conference room, rain room, library, etc.

“The client wanted the office to guide employees through a modern and team-oriented system while being sensitive to its prevalent conventional scheme of working. Change is a slow process, and the client wanted to take the first step of transforming their culture into a more adaptive, collaborative and agile environment”, said Kshitij Limaye, Executive Director, Sankalpan. The aesthetic theme of the office was derived from the structure of the mobile network, which are hexagonal in their representation. These patterns are used liberally across the entire office in forms of 120° workstation settings, lights, carpets etc.

The contemporary design of the office is in sync with the ancient principles of Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, the head of vastu purush lies in the north-east. It is a space of wisdom, ideal for conducting mind-oriented tasks like brainstorming and collaboration. The rationale behind this theory is that sunlight from the north-east direction is most conducive for human consumption and creates a healthy environment to work in. This space is kept free of any heavy structures or pillars to allow for maximum flow of natural light.

The amphitheatre and other collaborative spaces are designed in the north-eastern section of the office. Artificial skylight and grass create an illusion of these zones being connected with the outdoors. This space is also equipped with group seating and writing surfaces. Some of these zones also have gym equipment to promote a healthier lifestyle. Shilpa Bhave, Associate, Sankalpan, encapsulates the crux of the design by saying, “As homage to the core business philosophy of Idea, the design of the office creates impromptu opportunities not only for establishing connections and having conversations but also for sharing.”

About the Architects

Sankalpan is an award winning Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design and Design+Build firm that values methodical and sustainable approach. In its 22nd year since inception, Sankalpan is a team of 150+ professionals with studios in Mumbai and Bangalore and satellite offices in Dubai, Singapore and 4 cities in India.