Alpine jewel

March, 2014


Hotel Intercontinental Davos, set amidst the Alps of Switzerland, is an outstanding example of Grisons-style architecture and interiors.

Glittering high above Lake Davos in Switzerland, hundreds of gold-coloured steel elements come together to form a fascinating outer sheath of organically flowing diagonals. This is the first view of this captivating oval-shaped building of the luxury hotel Intercontinental Davos, situated at the mouth of the Flnela Valley.

The typical Grisons-styled building effort¡lessly combines stone and wooden elements into its unique design. Chief Architect Oliver Hofmester, Managing Director of Oikios says this hotel presented a special kind of challenge. ´During the planning phase, we were stretched to the limits of what architecture can achieve.´ And what it has achieved is, indeed, a masterpiece of futuristic design.

Alpine spark
The lobby, like other public areas of the property, is an elegant silver-grey. The natural stone flooring has been especially imported from India. Largely inspired by Grisons, the interiors designers AB Living Design from Sweden and CM Design from Hamburg have designed the interiors to reflect the surrounding alpine environment and the Seehorn forest. This inspiration is strongly reflected in the Capricorn restaurant, which is a combination of dark and light wood, and in Matsu restaurant with its woodland lighting effect created by using specially chosen lamp shades. The high-end restaurant Studio Grigio, designed by Henry Chebaane from Blue Sky Hospitality, fascinates guests with its different shades of grey and high-tech details, one of which is the interactive bar.

Luxury space
The spa, with its arches, angles, a silver quartzite floor from Brixen and roughly hewn walls, recreates for its guests the serenity of the alpine world. This is supplemented by a cheerful and fresh pale, limed oak. The 216 rooms in the hotel are restful, with timeless elegant interiors. Specially-made sofas with Ligne Roset cushioning nestle in corners of the guest rooms. Private balconies and terraces allow the guests unrestricted views of the spectacular surroundings.

The conference centre, with its walnut American flavour, creates a sense of expansiveness with artistically blended bronze elements. Luxurious traditional Tai Ping carpeting is spread across the centre while the walls of the adjoining guest rooms are covered with fine leather.

On a light note
Natural lighting is optimally used in this design. The hotel building is aligned to the movements of the sun, which creates varied ambience in different areas of the hotel. From fresh white morning light to golden warm evening light, the hotel is beautifully lit throughout the day. The artificial lighting is well designed, the piece de resistance being an organically formed chandelier with 2000 lamps, which greets guests at the entrance to form a radiant first impression.

Indeed, if anything can enhance the Alpine experience, it has to be the Intercontinental Davos, with its breathtaking architecture, its sparkle and its utmost luxury.

Intercontinental Davos,
Baslerstrasse 9, 7260 Davos,
Tel: +41 81 414 04 00

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