Reclaimed Renovation

July, 2014


Designers from the firm Design Haus Liberty use the concept of 'reclaimed architecture' to transform advertising agency Analog Folk's London office.

Unlike most conventionally classic offices in London, the headquarters of Analog Folk, an advertisement agency, has been designed with a unique theme reclaimed architecture. Constructed and designed by globally acclaimed firm Design Haus Liberty, the office, housed in an old 19th Century London building, incorporates the ethos of the client's company. This sprawling office, spread over 10,000 sq ft, was one of Design Haus Liberty's first projects.

Headed by Dara Huang, Design Haus Liberty is a relatively new architectural firm that has established a foothold in the industry within a short span of time, already boasting an impressive client list featuring Samsung, Manolo Blahnik and LaSalle, as well as a huge demand from international developers. "Our architecture firm is bold, with new ideas. We push boundaries, which is why we can create a functional office environment yet add bursts of creativity to the space," says Huang about her firm's design philosophy.

Creative concept
The client brief for the Analog Folk office gave the designers plenty of scope to exercise their creativity. The brief was to create a quirky and unique environment for employees to work in, implementing the theme of reclaimed architecture. They said, the space was to feed creativity and let the ideas flow! With such a detailed brief, Huang was up for the challenge. As a result, the distinct character of the old London building, with its exposed brickwork and iron columns, was enhanced to a large industrial loft-like work space, created by adding in a mix of reclaimed objects for aesthetics.

Spectacular space
To start with, Design Haus Liberty opened up the building into a large loft-like space by adding in a mezzanine floor, a new staircase and a new glazed fatade. Walking into the lobby, you see a reception and waiting area made up of polished concrete floors and chipboard desks mixed with reclaimed vintage furniture.

The colour palette of the office is mostly black and white. The design team has installed a number of lighting designs to fuse together a mix of artificial and natural light from the windows. Design Haus Liberty has defined the goal architecturally by using reclaimed 'found' objects and giving them a new life in the Analog Folk office. Bespoke items include a scaffolding library with telephone booths concealed inside and reclaimed doors digitally water jet cut.

Repurposed objects
The office is decorated with various unique fittings and fixtures such as the long table made out of large wooden doors and the chandelier made of bottles. The design team took old reclaimed bottles and arranged them in a figure representing a school of fish. The bottles flow through the sky of the lobby, adding an enchanting feature at the entrance of the building. The installation is called 'Finding Nemo' as it resembles a school of fish and is symbolic of the teamwork at the company. Chesterfield sofas and an old suitcase are used as a coffee table. Behind a partition wall fitted with wooden boxes for plants in the waiting area is a small cafe and a conference room, which can be accessed via sliding barn doors.

Design take
The team at Design Haus Liberty is very pleased with the final outcome of its effort. "We are so happy about the way it turned out, specially the recycled bottle installation as it is such a unique design. It was great to create an environment creatively and enhance the space," says Huang.

It is, certainly an office that celebrates the 'reduce, reuse, recycle' mantra in the most imaginative way!

Meet the designer

Dara Huang
Firm: Design Haus Liberty founded in 2012.
Firm specialisation: Architecture
Design philosophy: Look towards the light, I love creating special light features.
Philosophy towards life: Work hard, play hard!
Favourite architect/Designer: Zaha Hadid
photos: Quintain Lake