Sounding grass

July, 2014


At O;h Cha, a new Thai restaurant in Lower Parel, Mumbai, Designer Pallavi Choksi from Pinakin Design Studio, uses faux grass in the design, a reference to the lush paddy fields of Thailand.

Paddy fields of Thailand are a recurrent theme in the dTcor of the curiously spelt restaurant, O:h Cha. Designed by Pallavi Choksi, Partner, Pinakin Design LLP, the concept seeks inspiration in one of the most important ingredients of Thai cuisine  rice. This unique concept has the added advantage of also being economical to implement. Easily available at most interior stores at the price of Rs 100 to Rs 300 per sq ft, the faux grass is easy to clean with a dry cloth.

“Rice is an important ingredient in Thai cuisine. The paddy fields that dot the Thai landscape lend it an idyllic, picturesque beauty. Every stage of its cultivation is a feast for the eyes, beginning with the graphic squares of saplings held together until the waters fill up around them like a mirror pool,“ Choksi explains. Recreating these scenes, square patches of the faux grass have been installed on three walls of the restaurant, with a mirror separating the sections of faux grass to give the impression of water pools. The faux grass is easy to install and maintain, but it cannot be an alternative to wallpaper, or used extensively on all spaces. However, used in moderation, as Choksi has done at O:h Cha, the square patches effortlessly bring the beauty of Thailand“s emerald fields to the decor.

Text: Kamiya Verma
Pinakin Design Studio,
Raghuvanshi Mills Compound,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,
Mumbai - 400 013.
Tel: 022-6500 2400.