Buzz (August 2014)

August, 2014


Ringed city
The city of Belgian gets ringed with a perspective-dependant artwork created by Swiss artist Felice Varini. Curved strips are painted onto buildings and streets that create a picture of overlapping rings when viewed from a single vantage point in Hasselt area. What appears to be a random pattern from street level all comes together at the rooftop of the Radisson Blu Hotel in the city.

India shining
Kolkata Architect Abin Chaudhuri`s simplistic design using bamboo poles, retro-reflective vinyl and LED lights to decorate a pavilion for a socio-religious festival has become the first Indian selection in a series of exhibitions at New York City`s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) titled ¨Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities¨.

Retail buy
Herman Miller has announced plans to buy American furniture retailer ´Design Within Reach´ as part of its ongoing efforts to become a premier lifestyle brand. 84% stake of DWR costed them $154 million!

Go Gujarat
Six new architectural colleges have received sanction in Gujarat this year. And from 780 seats in 12 colleges in 2011, the number has already risen to 1,380 seats in 24 colleges! If you want to study architecture, you know where to go...

Architect fraud
As if the news of a 11-storey building collapsing in Chennai wasn´t bad enough, a recent update on it stated that the so called architect of the building wasn´t even an architect! Architects are not legally allowed to practice unless they are registered with the Council of Architecture and the council has confirmed that Vijay Borgotra, the man behind the architecture of the collapsed building is not registered with them and thus is not even allowed to call himself an architect, leave aside practice!