Smart systems

September, 2014


Rajeev Antony, Managing Director, Schnco India, shares an insight on the fatade and fenestration industry in India.

Tell us more about your company.
Schnco is the world´s largest building envelope / aluminium doors, windows and fatade systems company headquartered in Germany. Schnco started its full-fledged operations in India with its aluminium systems in the year 2012. We focus on large scale residential, commercial and hospitality sector projects; however, we are also doing quite a few private residence projects (villas / bungalows).

Elaborate on the brand´s position in the Indian industry.
Schnco is the global leader in aluminium systems for doors, windows and facades. Our innovative products and technologies are second to none which makes our brand stand out in terms of equity, awareness and positive perception in EU Nations and other international markets. In India, the brand is comparatively new and yet there is considerable amount of awareness owing to proactive sales and marketing efforts. The brand Schnco in India is positioned as a leading European systems company for aluminium doors, windows and fatades made especially for Indian climatic con¡ditions. The fatade and fenestration industry in India is unorganized and dominated by fabricators having their own systems. These systems include the entire hardware required for glass facades and windows, except glass. Unfortunately, there is not enough good quality material available in the market for these systems, which leaves the architects with little choice. Schnco hardware is sold through mid- and small-sized fabricators and is probably the only aluminum system that comes certified and tested, with a warranty directly from the company. Thus, we provide value for money.

In the fenestration industry, there are aluminum and uPVC systems. Although aluminum was a more expensive system, in India people thought it to be cheap. But now the concept of aluminum windows is becoming popular as the metal can be easily moulded, is recyclable, has more strength to weight ratio and has a variety of colours.

Do you have products customised for Indian requirements?
For the Indian market, we have developed the Schnco TropTecTM systems, which are designed especially for tropical climate zones like ours. The TropTecTM range of non-insulated systems has been launched in India after an extensive research to study the fenestration and fatade requirement for typical Indian urban and climatic conditions. These systems have been designed to perform after factoring challenges such as dust, heat, rain, smog and ambient noise and wind pressure, which is a regular Indian urban/tropical climatic condition

To optimize costs and passing the benefits to customers, the aluminium extrusion of Schnco TropTecTM systems are sourced locally under strict European and Schnco specified standards. Therefore the product quality is assured to be of top - spec.

Schnco has a uPVC segment globally, but not in India. Why?
Schnco sells aluminium systems in India because it is the right material for our urban and climatic conditions. We know that there is a huge uPVC lobby and it has been promoted greatly in the country, but we don´t want to do that. We want to provide the customers with the systems made from the better material - Aluminium, because this is the right fit meant for our market and conditions.

Tell us about some of your projects in the country?
We have done quite a few good projects in the country. Some of the large ones which I can quickly recall is the Formula One track in Delhi, ITC Classic Golf Resort in Gurgaon, Embassy Boulevard in Bengaluru, Bay View Terraces, BKC One, Lodha Bellissimo, One Avighna Park, Platina Building (all in Mumbai).