A class apart

December, 2014


Kriztle brings world-class products to India with a view to offer unmatched utility and to give homes an aesthetic makeover.

Kriztle holds the honour of being the first company to introduce vanity wash counters to the Indian market. In keeping with its style of being ahead of the times, Kriztle has launched three ranges that promise to change the way your bathroom looks, and the way you look at your bathroom. Here´s what the new collections are all about...

Vanity wash counters
Kriztle vanity wash counters consist of a mirror, a main cabinet and a side cabinet. Each of these elements is in sync with the other and balances the overall look of the bathroom. Kriztle offers lead-free silver mirrors with above 93% reflectance. The mirror edges are treated with a special sealant to prevent oxidation. The spare parts used are rust-free and long lasting. The wash basins are of A Grade and come without pin holes or waves. Kriztle offers a variety in materials such as natural wood, artificial wood and stainless steel (304 grade) for you to choose from.

Aquapolis bathtub range
The Aquapolis series of bathtubs are not just functional pieces, but artistic elements that can completely transform your bathroom. One of the pieces called Aquapolis BT2100 comes with water and bubble massage features as well as Chromo Therapy, electronic touch control panel, water force regulator, water level sensor, constant heater and auto cleaning. The bathtubs come in different shapes and designs. While you soak into a relaxing Kriztle bathtub, your experience in it will be a personalised one as you get to select the settings appropriate for you taste.

Aquapolis steam shower
The Kriztle Aquapolis range of shower cubicles come in sleek and beautiful designs. But what makes them unique is their high-performance quality. A Kriztle shower cubicle boasts of many features such as steam unit, rain shower, massage jets, electronic control unit with remote control, telephone connectivity and earth leakage protector. To enhance the customer´s experience, Kriztle has equipped the cubicle with chromo therapy, which is a type of colour therapy. Not only will you get a relaxing experience in a Kriztle shower cubicle, thanks to its technologically advanced features, but it will also impart a beautiful look to your bathroom. This the shower cubicles from the Aquapolis range truly provide you with a spa-like heaven in your own home.

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(Communication by the management of the company)