An Indian soiree

February, 2015


Apart from taking the Terminal 3 as an inspiration, the Holiday Inn at the Delhi Aerocity has been designed with a deliberate attempt for an Indian feel.
Do you remember the infamous Purulia arms drop case in 1995 involving an Antonov AN-65 Latvian aircraft? The memories of the case come alive when you see parts of the aircraft on display at the Hangar (aptly named) bar and lounge at the Holiday Inn hotel, Delhi Aerocity.

Design idea
In tune with its location near the Indira Gandhi international airport, the Holiday Inn has been designed as a gateway to the capital. It has images of Delhi monuments diffused between two glass sheets in the lobby and the coffee shop, Viva; a separate Crew Lounge in beige and purple for airline crew; a vertical garden that rises from the basement to the fifth floor; and a beige-and-wood look that imparts the hotel a contemporary feel.

Brainchild of Bangkok-based Carl Kalmedia of B-49 architects and interior designers, the hotel has been designed in the shape of the letter ´H´. Such a design gives a lot of privacy to the rooms as not many of them look into each other.

´Our brief was very simple. We wanted the property to sport a colour scheme keeping in mind the airport. We wanted it to be designed like a business hotel and not a resort and to be the best Holiday Inn property in the world,´ informed Tarun Kapoor, Vice-President (Finance), Wave Hospitality, which owns the hotel.

For the interiors, there are no heavy furniture or imported fixtures as everything is locally sourced. ´This not only gives the hotel an Indian feel, but also makes it a cost-effective construction giving us more avenues to break even,´ said Kapoor.

Creating a rich look
Up to eight metres from the ground level, the facade of the hotel has been clad in white stone from Gwalior. Above the second storey, it is textured concrete in beige, imported from Singapore.

The lobby of this 265-room hotel has a unique element - it is entirely pillar less. ´This cost us a few crores more as the entire ceiling had to be supported by iron girders, but the look below was worth it,´ elaborated Kapoor. Another reason for this decision was that the first floor houses the swimming pool, the gym and the spa. The flooring is mostly beige Chinese silver serpentine stone and wood parquet throughout the property.

The lobby is half in stone and half in wood with the wooden portion flowing into the coffee shop that is separated from the lobby by the sketches of Delhi monuments set in a wooden show cabinet, which also has big vases in marble on display. The same display can be seen on the other side of the coffee shop as well. The lobby also sports two round beige seats to give more seating space.

The highlight of the coffee shop is the artistic chandelier from the Czech Republic, light furniture elements and some seating areas encased in wooden curtains. The Hangar bar, apart from showcasing aircraft paraphernalia, has Z-shaped bar stools, mirrors on the ceiling and comfortable sofa seats in blue, black and yellow. Colourful digital art panels are the mainstay for the ceilings and walls of the corridors in the living areas, thereby adding an element of life. The guest rooms flaunt locally fabricated bedheads, photographs of monuments, wicker furniture and colourful carpets sourced from Delhi.

The hotel design underscores the thought ´when in India be an Indian´ beautifully.

Total Area: 80, 000 sq. ft.
Total Cost: Rs.3 lakh
Text: Varun Soni
Holiday Inn, Asset No 12,
Aerocity Hospitality District, Indira Gandhi International Airport,
New Delhi 110 037.
Tel: 011-4222 2000.