The Amplifying Affair

September, 2015


´Gone are the days of complex home theatre and stereo systems, now consumers wish to walk in, tap on their phone and have high fidelity audio pouring out of their speakers.´ says Sanjay Chawla, Director Kripa Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. as he shares an insight on the evolving audio-visual trends.

What are the latest trends in the AV industry in India? What are the customer preferences veering towards?
Given the fast moving technology of today´s time, the AV industry is constantly undergoing change. However, convenience is a constant trend. Gone are the days of the complex home theatre and stereo systems, now consumers wish to walk in, tap on their phone and have high fidelity audio pouring out of the speakers.

For AV brands, the challenge is to provide systems that improve the quality of sound whilst enhancing the convenience. Furthermore, the importance of aesthetics is increasing and the products must blend with the decor. Now-a-days, customers do not hesitate to shell out extra bucks for customisation of products. Tell us a bit about your company and its offerings.
We are committed to bringing high-end AV solutions from the world over, to the Indian consumer. The brands we retail are hand-picked to match this philosophy. For example, we have with us Denon ´ a decade old Japanese technology giant and a big player in the home theatre segment. Additionally, we have Hegel from Norway and Peachtree from the US that offer the best in stereo amplification. Moreover, we have speakers from the Scottish brand Tannoy and the German brand Elac, both heritage brands existing for over 90 years. We also have cables from the Germany-based Inakustik and a 4K media player from the French brand Zappiti. The devices can be selected as per the acoustic and design needs of a client; we try and ensure that there´s something to suit every preference.

What are your marketing strategies and your retail plan?
In this fast growing industry, we are trying to keep pace by focusing our marketing efforts towards acquainting the dealers about our products. They in turn carry out demonstrations to the end consumer, so they can experience the product and make an informed purchase. We are creating dealership networks across the country to provide localised support and service.

Are you looking at a further expansion? What other brands are expected to be added to your outlet?
We are always looking to collaborate with architects, retailers and consultants to reach out to consumers who have an adept knowledge of sound systems. Although we are not currently looking to add any new brands, the existing ones retailed are continuously expanding their lineup.