Smart Switches

May, 2016


Silent heroes of any décor, switches have also evolved with changing décor preferences.
Today our life is centered around electrical gadgets. Switches play a vital role in making these gadgets function effectively and safely. These switches, like several other products have come a long way from the early traditional dull on-off gadgets. Today they have evolved into aesthetically and functionally far superior products with contemporary design, higher operational efficiency, ease of installation, advanced functionality, low maintenance etc.

The electrical switches sector in India has over 500 brands being manufactured by more than 100 players. Major players in the organised sector include Anchor (now a Panasonic brand), Havells, MK, Legrand, Philips, Wipro, GM, Honeywell, GE, and Orpat. In India, electrical switches are sold largely through traditional electrical goods outlets, numbering around 200,000 in India. Lately some manufacturers are trying to market their products directly to developers.

Technological advancements and design innovations have created a whole new world of switches. For instance Advanced Gliding Technology eliminates interference with other appliance sparks, Insulated Looping in the wiring offers extra power and comprehensive child safety, Triple Protection Technology makes switches safe even when used with wet hands.

All of these and more have elevated the switches industry to a new level altogether. As a result today we have modular switches, touch sensitive and motion sensitive switches, child proof sockets, switches with a touch screen panel, remote controlled switches etc.

Here is a peek view into the kind of products available in India:
Philips, has a wide range of modular switches with strong safety features. Its current range includes Active, Smart and Elite and the recently launched MirrorGlaze with a premium mirror finish. Available in multiple colour and sparkle options, MirrorGlaze is also equipped with a protection film which makes it scratch and dust resistant. Adore and i-Fi, are the two latest products from GM Modular.

Adore is a collection of switches, dimmers and fan regulators. Here one can either use a single switch to control one light or pair it with a second switch or dimmer to control the light from two different locations. With i-FI one can control and monitor one’s lights, fans, blinds and even other electronics with Wi-Fi network or with mobile 3G or 4G connection through the GM i-Fi App from anywhere in the world.

Evidently automation has made inroads into the switch industry. Anchor’s Domina Plus, a residential automation system synergising with its Sistema 44 Switch range, is equipped with a feather-touch interface, enhanced aesthetics and stylish designs for all of the accessories. Domina Plus enables dimming, motorised curtain/window controls, System monitoring with touch screen and timer controls etc. One can further customise the system with scalable functionalities such as Fan on and off control, web based control, controls using I Pad, IP camera control etc.

Other products of Anchor include Sistema 44 a feather touch range available in pristine white, brushed aluminium and exotic black; Roma Plus Elegant modular switches and Roma Vetro Glass Plate, diamond cut for enhanced aesthetics and manufactured out of high density toughened glass while the UPP technology ensures rich colour effect.

Text: Janaki Krishnamoorthi