A Place for the people

July, 2016


Delhi based designer Vivek Guha of Yantra Interiors selects vintage charm as the flavour for People & Co.
A new concept of crowd engagement has caught the imagination of restaurateurs. People and Co. in Delhi is one such experimental space that attempts to connect with the world outside its four walls. The vibe for this place is casual industrial chic. Itīs like walking the Chelsea market! There is a street bar, a casual dining section and a theatre for stand-up comedy with an inherent attitude of īletīs be usī inside the restaurant.

The bar is designed like a public space and is meant to hold the pre-show crowd for the theatre. The multi-purpose corridor is enough to pique the guestīs interest about whatīs going on at People & Co.

Vintage flavour
Enter the casual street bar and you are still in harmony with the outdoors. Open garage shutters, a bar counter in stacked wood and ceiling in painted wood pallets showcases the bar display. This also works as a screen between the bar and the causal dine restaurant to meet the functional needs and create visual variety. It has comfortable chairs and lounge seating with a vintage touch. The bar houses a community seating, antique mirror panels in steel frames, live stage for musicians and the box office.

Plate, the casual dine, is a private space with seamless partitions with wine displays and expandable buffet areas. It maintains the industrial flavour with a lot of warmth added with finished wooden ceiling and walls with books and artefact displays. The furniture is made of wood and leather.

Show time
Canvas is the theatre, which seats 250 guests. Itīs equipped with a performance stage, tech room and a green room for the artists. The theatre carries over the mood of industrial interiors with backlit perforated steel columns and wall panels in broken uneven wood cladding, accentuated with diffused lighting. The theatre has floating seats in leather and steel, lounges against the wall and row seating in wood on raked flooring.

Material magic
Materials used are a mix of wood and metal. Wooden pallets behind the bar screen the restaurant without blocking the view. The passage to the theatre is connected with both the bar and the restaurant with collapsible steel racks serving as wine displays. The People & Co. merchandise displayed in metal cages adorn the rustic brick wall. The casual dine section is warm with wall to wall display shelves made out of reclaimed wooden. It showcases books and original pieces by local artists. There is wooden particle board ceiling in the dining space and suspended Edison bulbs for lighting. The floor is a mix of natural black stone with random steel inlays and monochrome tiles for the restaurant.

The materials used are common to each zone but have been treated differently to give visual identities within each of them. The dominant materials are wood, metal and brick tiles as well as natural stone for wall and floor cladding and antique mirrors in customised metal frames.

The theatre is acoustically treated with double layered walls with air gaps and cladded with texa sheets finished with wood panels. The lighting here is a mix of stage light, pin spots and diffused panel lights.

Vintage yet modern, dining plus entertainment, and a lovely street ambience thatīs People & Co for you!

Text: Sumisha Gilotra
People & Co, Tower 8-B,
Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon.
Tel: 0124-4141000