Sanitary Wear

August, 2016


Keeping pace with the changing perception of washrooms, the sanitary ware products in India have also undergone a radical change.
In the last few decades, Indian washrooms have been witnessing a dramatic transformation, from being a mere functional space to a personal retreat with ambience for rejuvenation, well being and for making a personality statement, particularly in the high end residential segment and hospitality sector . To conform to this current trend, the products being used here have also undergone a sea change. There is a plethora of products today in the market, with elegant designs, innovative high-tech features, eco-friendly and wellness elements as also special features to meet the needs of children, elderly and differently-abled. The product range has also widened from mere water closets, wash basins, bath tubs, faucets to dual flush tanks, electric bidets, rain showers, bubble/steam baths, whirlpools, heated towel rails etc. All these products have uplifted the washroom to an entirely different plane. Consequently the Indian sanitary ware market has been growing steadily in the last few decades.

Market Movers
According to Research and Markets´ study ´India Sanitary Ware Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018´, India´s sanitary ware market will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of about 12 per cent during 2013-18. The Indian sanitary-ware market accounts for 8 per cent of the global production and ranks second in terms of volume in the Asia-Pacific region.

The demand for sanitary ware is highest in residential sector followed by other sectors including hotels, hospitals and offices. The premium segment is estimated to be about 10 to 12 per cent of the total market.

Rapid urbanisation, increasing spending power, rising living standards, have resulted in the escalated demand aver industry professionals. ´Increase in disposable incomes, higher standards of living, and increasing expenditure on beautifying homes along with in-store experience are providing an impetus for the growth of premium and luxury products. Products of convenience such as the intelligent closets, rimless WCs, rain-spa showers are all gaining traction´ states Sandip Somany, Joint Managing Director, HSIL Limited.

Initially, dominated by domestic manufacturers, the market now has several international players too. Some of the major players today are HSIL, Cera, Roca, Kohler, Toto, Keuco, Vitra, Hansgrohe, Duravit, HR Johnson, Somany Ceramics, Orient, Kriztle and Grohe. The market is also marked by a large unorganized sector, catering to the low and mid segments who are less quality conscious and more price sensitive.

Sector Shifts
The emerging changes in user perceptions have also led to significant differences in product preferences across sectors. Sabeena Khanna, Principal Architect, Studio KIA elaborates on the differing demand between residential, hospitality and office sectors : ´Apart from ambience and aesthetics through design, home owners seek therapeutic qualities in the sanitary products. Aesthetics interwoven with functionality is in demand in the hospitality sector. Reckless water wastage happens largely in the office sector and hence products that save water are in demand here.´

Today, it is possible for manufacturers to cater to the differing needs of these sectors says Rahul Kher, Country Manager - Indian Sub continent, KEUCO GmbH & Co: ´The products for residential, commercial, hospitality and hospitals always vary as the objectives of these spaces are very different from each other. Today we can define what level of experience one would like to have in the bathroom across segments and deliver tailor made products.´

Material Magic
Ceramic continues to be the popular material due to its properties like corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, glazy surface and ease of maintenance etc. But other materials are also slowly gaining ground says Khanna: ´Ceramic products are not the only choice and best fit for sanitary ware. Stone, wood, gloss mosaics and other materials are also being adopted, keeping it raw and closer to nature´ Some new combination of materials are also being developed by several manufacturers. For instance Roca has created a new ceramic material, Fineceramic : ´This is a white material base that offers perfect finishing especially on sharp corners and edges.

The products made from Fineceramic are recyclable, 40 percent lighter in weight, 30 percent harder and resistant to abrasive products and mechanical abrasion. Inspira, the latest range of washbasins and toilets from Roca have been manufactured with this material´ reveals Pau Abello Pellicer, Managing Director, Roca Bathrooms Products.

Sustainable Solutions
With increasing environmental awareness, customers are also moving towards products that conserve water. ´Today sustainability and water saving products have an important role to play in bathroom design and this trend will continue. In fact the contemporary hotel bathrooms have to meet sustainable design, green production and ecological usability´ states Asutosh Shah, Managing Director, Duravit India Private Limited.

The industry is already offering varying water conserving products as evinced by Somany : ´The Indian sanitary ware market offers a host of products which help in water conservation. From aerators in faucets, air mixing showers to products with advanced flushing technologies such as Siphonic jet, Touchless flushing, Rimless closets - the choice is innumerable. The technologies such as rimless offer better overall cleaning, in addition to being more water efficient. Additionally, products with WEP 1 certification are also available. These ´star rated´ EWCs use 20-25 percent less water than regular ones. The price in general depends on the technology used, however star rated EWCs are nearly 5-10 percent more expensive than the regular ones´

Growing Gains
Around 69 percent of households in rural areas and about 19 percent in urban areas lack safe sanitation facilities, indicating the market yet to be tapped. . The government initiatives and boom in the real estate sector are also expected to contribute to the market growth. The replacement market is currently very low, but this is another potential area. The industry is also spreading its boundaries beyond India and capturing foreign markets.

Evidently, the doors are wide open for the industry to capitalise not only on the growing national demand but also on demands across the borders.

Text: Janaki Krishnamoorthi

German Going
Sandeep Surana,
Managing Director, Hansgrohe India

In the last decade, bathroom products have become more user-friendly, safe and environment-friendly in Germany. Emphasis is on elimination of electrical fittings and bringing in more mechanical measures to make renovation industry´s tasks easier. Technology is also being developed to produce simplistic, highly functional products with cross-generational designs and water conservation controls.

Global Guide
Asutosh Shah,
Managing Director, Duravit India

Globally, changing life style and use of bathroom as a room to relax and de-stress has brought design competence into real play in the products. Perfect interplay of shape, colour, materials and functions has taken centre stage. There is a rising trend towards designer sanitary ware.

Sanitary Styles
Sabeena Khanna,
Principal Architect, Studio KIA

The sanitary ware segment has undergone a remarkable makeover and the products available range from ´simple´ to the ´artistic´, the humble ´square´ or the ´round´ to the creatively ´flowing´ forms. Rational young users with a global know-how are helping change the face of the design. Branded products are an instant hit with customers. Yet another trend is eco-products, aimed at saving water with emphasis on design, size, capacity, and flushing parameters along with smart use of technology such as sensor operated automatic flushing mechanisms, temperature control and auto-washing mechanisms. Products with antibacterial and antifouling features are also in trend with growing emphasis on health.

Wellness Wash
M K Ansari,
Managing Director , Kriztle Bath & Wellness

Globally there has been a paradigm shift in the concept of bathrooms which are fast evolving into wellness rooms. To keep pace with this change, innovations are happening in the products, where the healing power of water , heat and air are being harnessed to transform everyday bathing routine into a wellness exercise. Products such as home spa and sauna are in line with this concept.

Consumer Choice
Bhavin and Komal Sheth,
Interior Designers and Owners, Intraspace

Today, Indian home owners are giving equal importance to sanitary wares like any other product while furnishing their homes. Demand for fashionable, convenient, high quality sanitary ware on par with international standards, is increasing and users are ready to pay a higher price for it.

Technology Take Pau Abello Pellicer,
Managing Director, Roca Bathrooms Products

The trends in India, especially in the lifestyle domain, are inspired by international standards where innovation and technology are the key elements. As the trend for technologically driven products evolves further, more products with different smart functionalities will emerge, making them a great fit in the modern trendy washroom spaces.

Universal User
Rahul Kher,
Country Manager - Indian Sub continent, KEUCO GmbH

Today´s consumers are seeking an experience, not just products . Two major emerging trends - ´Modernized Minimalism´ and ´Sensuctive´ (a blend of sensual and seductive) are driving high end users to explore bathroom products which can deliver a defined experience. These trends or concepts travel between countries and regions, as great ideas are not limited by any geography as you are always catering to a global consumer.

India Image
Sandip Somany,
Joint Managing Director, HSIL

Demand for better washrooms and washroom products is one common thread that runs through residential, hospitality and office sectors in India. The difference lies in product choice and usability pattern. In the residential sector there is a rising popularity of concept washrooms and coordinated sanitary ware, fittings and accessories. In the commercial space the focus is determined by technology followed by design. With increasing environmental awareness, users are moving towards eco-friendly sanitary ware that help in water conservation. Solutions such as high efficiency flushing systems, sensor taps and showers, waterless urinals, to name a few, are gaining popularity too.

Sanitary ware Shows ( 2016-17)
Sri Lanka Tiles and Sanitary ware International Expo
09 - 11 September 2016 at BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka
International exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings
26-30 September 2016 at Bologna Exhibition Centre, Bologna Italy
International Ceramic & Sanitary Ware Exhibition
9-12 November 2016 at Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Cairo, Egypt
China International Exhibition for Kitchen & Sanitary Ware
07-10 March 2017 at New China International Exhibition Center Beijing China
Bazilian Exhibition of coverings, sanitary ware, faucets and finishing materials
7-10 March 2017 at Transamerica Expo Center, Ahmedabad

Sanitary Stats
Indian sanitary ware market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of about 12 percent during 2013-18
Indian sanitary ware market accounts for 8 percent of global production and ranks second in terms of volume in the Asia-Pacific region
Demand for ceramic sanitary ware in India is expected to reach 28,013 thousand units in 2016, up from 26,267 thousand units in 2015
Water closets hold the majority revenue share in the overall sanitary ware market in India followed by cisterns and basins
Asia Pacific region holds the maximum market share in sanitary ware followed by Europe, South America and North America.
China, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia are among the top manufacturing countries of ceramic sanitary ware products
Note : Gathered from various sources

Washroom Waves

Sensowash Slim from Duravit
SensoWash Slim has a handy, ultra-slim remote control, that can be used to select the desired function - ComfortWash, RearWash or LadyWash, thus choosing the intensity and position of the spray and the water temperature to suit personal needs. It also has a night-light, that illuminates the inner basin providing orientation in the dark and a lid and seat that closes automatically.

W+W from Roca
In W+W (wash basin + water closet), based on water reuse technology, waste water from washbasins is stored in a cistern after filtration for flushing toilets. Price: ` 2,25,000

Steam Shower Panel SSL 5000 from Kriztle
This Steam Bath and Shower Panel combination, is made of tempered glass, aluminium and stainless steel and equipped with rain shower, hand shower, body massage jets, steam bath, a touch screen controller , a telephone receiver and a Blue tooth player.
Price: Rs. 95,200

Axor One
Designed by London based design duo Barber and Osgerby, Axor One is an all-in-one regulatory unit that eliminates the need for installing various water control elements in the washroom. Water temperature regulation, water outlet activation and water volume control are all unified in a central element. It uses ´Select´ technology that makes showering convenient as users can operate and control the shower by just pushing a button by back with the hand or elbow.

Rimless WC from HSIL
Offered under Enigma, Lava and Element range, this hygienic rimless toilet has no place for germs and bacteria. Easy to clean, it has a special flush system with multiple flushing points along the rim of the pan allowing the entire surface area of the pan to be cleaned and at the same time saving on water consumption

Dressage from Graff at Etre Luxe
Italian craftsmanship with technological innovation provide a new dimension to this freestanding vanity made with Canaletto Walnut Solid Wood / DuPont Corian and Impruneta terracotta.

This series with a range of washroom products from bathroom furniture, washbasins, mirror cabinets to other accessories, offering a wide spectrum of possibilities to create a washroom the way you want. At the heart of Edition 400 is the exclusive washing area with washbasin and vanity unit û available on request as custom solution with worktop and modular base cabinet or freely combinable side units

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