Endless Possibilities In Wood Panelling

Jun 25, 2018



Greenpanel Wood Paneling

GREENPANEL, India’s largest manufacturer of wood panels, strives ceaselessly to develop advanced products through the passionate pursuit of technology and processes. From leading architects, interior designers, dealers and to your trusted wood contractors, the products are a trusted choice for everyone  

The state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh with an annual combined capacity in excess of 500,000 cubic meters, produce world-class Medium Density Fibre Boards (MDF), Plywood, Block Boards, Veneers, Wood Floors and Doors. 

This is complemented by their robust distribution network of 3,000-plus outlets spread across the country.




GREENPANEL MDF is a revolutionary product from Greenply Industries Ltd, it’s made with a unique fibre-interlocking technology which leads to high bonding strength and rigidity, loaded with features which are best suited for constructing strong and durable furniture and creating unique interiors.



GREENPANEL Wood Floors are a premium range of flooring solutions available as Laminate and Wood Veneer flooring in 38 and 40 exquisite designs respectively. The surface designs of these floorings are conceptualized in collaboration with renowned designers from Europe.




GREENPANEL Decorative Veneers are an exquisite range of Teak, Natural and Spectrumwood Veneers. An assortment of more than hundred exotic wood species, this range of decorative veneers has been exclusively hand-picked from all over the world.



GREENPANEL Plywood is a product of excellence. The new generation Plywood powered by Quadra Pro Technology is the most advanced Plywood, offering infinite possibilities in the wood panel space. 



GREENPANEL Doors are solid wood doors available as Solid Core Doors with hardwood face and Decorative Doors in Natural Teak/Recon, Laminated and Natural Veneer variants.

For more information, you can visit: www.greenpanel.com



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