5 Home Décor Mistakes You Might Be Making

Feb 29, 2016

You always want your home to be a reflection of you and of course, classy fashion (even if it isn’t you). However, have you ever wondered if those “in-trend” purchases you just made looked better in the store than in your home? Here are a few things that no one tells you while you’re on your shopping spree.


  1. Let’s begin with the theme of your home. You don’t necessarily have to rub the idea in your guests’ faces. For instance, a house facing the beach doesn’t mean palm trees and bright colours taking over your entire home. The ocean could probably keep you open to a tranquil, calm, pastel-blue theme or even an overall light hue accented with bright accessories to keep the energetic beach vibe alive!

Overcrowded ThemeOvercrowded ThemeChic House by the Beachtheme1Neutral Palette for an Ocean View Apartment

2. Another unknowing disaster that takes place in the living room is the different sized furniture. All of them may have looked elegant individually in the store, but together in your house? Big NO. Buy furniture of the same size and matching colours in order to make the room your guests first enter into symmetrical, consistent and hence, aesthetically pleasing. Now that you know the trick, DG recommends distributing the previous clashing furniture in different rooms fitting them with the look of each separate one.

wrong sized furnitureDifferent Sized Furnituresymmetrical furnitureSymmetrical Furniture

3. Now walking down the memory lane along the entrance hallway. Do you really need all those photo frames and art pieces and box of chocolates and house keys on one table? Hallways are usually a small space to decorate; they must not be overcrowded with items, but at the same time, shouldn’t be ignored. DG recommends more wall art in terms of photo frames, paintings, ‘a’ ceiling light, which straightaway make a style statement as you enter!

Overload surfaceClustered Tablehallway1Ideal Hallway Arrangement

4. In an attempt to keep kitchen accessories convenient and robust, we often discount on their style quotient. This, however, is a very quick and inexpensive fix. DG recommends replacing the hardware (such as door and cabinet handles, sink fixtures, etc.) with stylish, chic ones.

outdated kitchenOutdated Kitchen Furnishingsstylish kitchenStylish Kitchen Accessories

5. We know that one of the most up-and-coming trends this year is pattern. Nevertheless, let’s not overpopulate the room and sore our eyes with them. For pattern lovers, DG recommends choosing one bold pattern, and maintaining its feel by surrounding it with solid accented colours.

wrong patternsClustered Patternssingular patternSingular Pattern Accented with Bright Hues

We understand that managers rope you into buying the best products in store. So don’t worry, we’re here to help you select the better ones out of the best which will definitely suit your home. Stay tuned to DezignGenie for remedies with your daily décor issues. Has this article helped you so far? Please share with us in the comments below.

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