5 Things To Remember While Installing A Door

Jul 02, 2015

A door is the first thing noticed by your guests. Doors and Windows are not only important for securing and access, but they are also important aesthetically to ensure that your property looks great.

 1. Look

The look of the door is the first thing that your guests will notice. Remember to select the right style, keeping the architecture and texture of the surrounding walls in mind.


 2. Security

How secure is your home? Almost all modern doors are now equipped with high-tech security features like the in-built motion sensors, advanced openers and door accessories. You can also monitor the working of the door (automatic or manual) and if it can be access it from a remote location.

Choose a door that makes you feel safe!


 3. Material


While a home being secure is important, the material is equally important as it affects its overall potential performance. Doors are generally made of steel, timber, aluminum, PVC and GRP. Steel doors are known for their incredible strength and insulation properties. Aluminum and GRP doors are versatile and possess great strength if correctly made.

 4. Reliability and Maintenance

These days many of us are busy and hardly have time to maintain our doors and windows. High quality steel doors are galvanized and painted using modern techniques that last a very long time. However, if your door is used frequently, you may need to get it inspected once or twice a year. It is advised to lubricate the moving parts of the door to keep the door in great shape.


 5. Price

After you’ve considered all the above factors, the last but not the least to consider is the price. The price may vary depending upon different factors. For instance, Timber doors are expensive as compared to steel or fiberglass doors.


If you wish to get the wooden feel but, maybe cannot afford a wooden door, you can consider installing an aluminum or steel door with laminate finishes creating a more realistic wood effect.

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