5 Ways to Decorate Small Living Rooms

Feb 25, 2016

Metropolitan cities flaunt the beauty of exposure to bright new things & a brand new lifestyle but leave us exposed to smaller living spaces. We understand the problem of lack of space in such cities - which is why we're here to help decorate that small cozy space you'd love going back to after your hectic routine!

  • Choose a Light Palette: Lighter hues reflect more light, which automatically create an illusion of having a bigger room. DG recommends pastel coloured walls and furniture, with designed wallpapers to add a hint of fun!
  • coverpic small roomExtend Rooms Outside: Do you have the luxury of a balcony but at the price of a smaller living area? Use it to your advantage! DG recommends using the look of the living room for your patio. For instance, use the same floor tiles, similar wall art, similar coloured furniture, etc.

whit living room1

Pastel Colours


Pastel Colours


  • Think Multipurpose: There will always be a few things that you cannot imagine your room without. Lack of space shouldn�t let you hold yourself back from your dream room! DG recommends throwing in some multifunctional furnishings that usually take up ample area of a room. For instance, use one table which fits as a coffee, breakfast, dining as well as work table; a lounger which functions as a chair but also gives the comfort of a sofa (or even a cozy bed, perhaps?) This will definitely give you the liberty to place showpieces, plants, wall art, etc. without making the room seem congested.


Multipurpose Table


Multipurpose Table-Shaped Seating 
  • Get Creative with Storage: Implement an idea from Harry Potter � the boy who lived under the stairs? Maybe not literally, but use the space under your staircase for storage! This applies for spaces under not only stairs, but also a TV set, tables, etc. DG recommends using creative structures for shelves to add an element of fun to an otherwise boring cabinet.


Creative Shelves Under Staircase


Creative Sliding Door
  • Well-worked Window Accessories: These are very essential for small rooms as they immediately catch the eye when you enter. DG recommends selecting curtains depending on the height of the room � use Venetian blinds in case of short ceilings, whereas ceiling-to-floor curtains for tall ceilings, as these will instantly create an impression of entering a bigger space than it actually is!

curtain short

Venetian Blinds For Low Ceilings


Ceiling-to-floor Curtains

Hope this post helped you design your room better. If you've used any such, or even better tricks for your home, feel free to share in the comments below.

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