5 Ways To Make Your Own Cushion Covers!

Sep 21, 2015

Colourful cushions give a tired room an instant lift and can pull together a colour scheme – and nothing could be simpler to make than a basic cushion cover. If you are a sewing amateur, here are 5 ideas to make a cushion cover in minutes! 441330426_785 Things you'll need:
  • Fabric
  • Press iron
  • Cushion pad
  • A sewing machine
  • A measuring tape
  • You can add a few more things like - buttons, ribbons, fabric cutouts and more if you wish to decorate the cover
1. Recipe to make a basic cushion cover:
  • Measure your cushion pad & add 3 cm to each measurement while cutting the fabric
  • Now iron the corners!
  • Pin the front and back together and tuck in 1.5 cm from 3 edges
  • Stitch it with a sewing machine
  • Turn the right side out and insert the cushion pad
  • Using a needle and matching thread, slip stitch opening to close
IMG_4208 2. Now since you already know how to make a basic cushion cover, you can customize it the way you want! Stitch or weave a pattern of your choice on the cover. diy-geometric-heart-cushion-1-500x331 3. You can simply take a few buttons and stitch them to make an alphabet or a design out of it! How-to-sew-a-button-heart-cushion 4. If you love knitting, you could weave a cushion cover! Or you could simply buy a woolen fabric! original_masley-cushion-cover-beginners-knitting-kit-diy 5. Make a cutout with some shiny fabric and simply stick it on your plain cushion cover! Cushion-covers Have some interesting ideas to make cushion covers? Share them with us in the comments below! Or simply follow us on our social channels for MORE!

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