Futuristic Interior Design Trends

Aug 29, 2017

In the race of getting ahead than the others, don't let your home be left behind. The home has become a utility driven atmosphere coupled with futuristic technology that focuses on functionality, sustainability and new designs.


3D printed furniture
3 D Printed Furniture
3 D printed furniture is disrupting the market with its innovative and cutting edge designs. The designs that were perceived before as an impossible task has been delivered to us faster than we expected it. 3D printing can change the way we view furniture with new materials being used and the various designs it can be reproduced in. Mass production in 3D printing is still gaining momentum while more designers explore with this technological interface to push the paradigms of product design.


Softwares and apps for interior design

Internet savvy technology

Companies want to offer holistic solutions to their customers while ensuring that in the age of online shopping their customers do not lose on the experience of being understood in their needs. Companies are coming up with virtual reality apps that enhance customer experience with the customizable interface. Apps for designers are also leading the industry by providing solutions that address pain points like never before.


Smart home products

Smart Home Products
Products should be able to simplify the experience of being at home. Voice integrated products are taking the forefront. Automatic controlled lighting systems, sanitary-ware, and designs that blend in as interior décor are changing the way we look at a conventional home.


Energy efficient product/ monitoring device

Energy Efficient Homes
Be its solar, wind or water energy, designers world over want to capitalise on the going green trend. It started out as a fad but over time designers have acknowledged the importance of the idea. The ideas incorporated in green design is not only to sustain the structure but also sustain the human micro ecosystem that depends on it. New materials and product combinations are making this a viable option, This niche is still economically high end but competing with the smart home products, they offer much more value even to the luxury market of interior products.

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