Outdoor Wonderland

Oct 25, 2017

This small home located in the middle of the woods was designed for 2 outdoor enthusiasts. This lakefront house is situated on a steep terrain in Gatineau. To reduce construction costs and minimise impact on the ecosystem, it sits on the foundations of an old 24'-0"x36'-0" chalet. A large partly-covered deck runs along 3 sides of the house. It is an integral part of the house's architecture and provides extra living space during summer.


Every room and hallway in this house face the lake. A double-height structure adorned with large windows amplifies the small space. Lots of natural light enters the room and at the end of the day, the shadow of the trees projects onto the walls and floors somewhat erasing the indoor and outdoor perimeters. 

Mirroring its environment, the house is covered with wood. The bluish grey colour of the vertical boards was chosen to match the green colour of summer vegetation. The navy plywood insertions replicate the colour of larch needles in the fall and winter. The large deck has a suspended canoe. It refers to the Legend of the Wild Hunt featuring Gatineau’s lumbermen. It shares the space with strange characters designed by the drawing on the navy plywood and windows. This compact and cost-effective house is a simple and hospitable place led to appreciate the natural environment.

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