Boston Bites: A rendition of the streetscape of Boston

Apr 08, 2019

Exploring the urbanity of the tri-city through an interesting amalgamation, Boston Bites is an urban café in Mohali, Punjab which delves into a notion of sensuality through an appropriation of space and context. The industrialised aesthetic magnifies the volumetric tonality.

Boston Bites, designed by Studio Ardete, is an attempt to manifest this essence through an architectural vocabulary. Therefore the project is a rendition of the streetscape of Boston and its cultural significance. It utilises different moods to form a coherent structure. Boston Bites becomes a transparent notion of sorts, a subliminal visual presence but far from any physical hindrance. This modulation can be seen with respect to both physical and meta-physical aspects of the space, which includes the furniture, fabrications, tones, etc. On the upper floor, metal frames recreate the distinguishable ruggedness of the streets around the live kitchen counter, perhaps an ode to the indigenous food stalls and it exudes a rawness of aesthetic which further accentuates the space modulation.


Boston Bites is an urban café, which transcends the streetscape of Boston through spatiality and details, orphic interactions. The project is a rendition of Boston, its culture and the pedestrian nature of the city.


The modulation of space involves a careful consideration of constituents as they become the first expression of a volume, which in turn defines the underlying ideology that can be seen with respect to both physical and meta-physical aspects of the space including the furniture, fabrications, tones, etc.


The fractions create the spirit in conjunction. The floor patterns, with vinyl tape, forms an astute imagery of the city, the walkways, zebra crossings, etc, which flows through the space guiding and maneuvering the movements to create an abstraction of an extroverted landscape.


The design can be a cultivation and induction of culture, nesting and harboring a unique identity, which is identifiable in all the articulations. The casual seating and lights in the shape of a bicycle adds to the Boston street imagery.


The stylization of each inch of the space is emanated from finely procured elements, which in themselves showcase a typology like a natural extension of the external environment – the roads, pathways, etc, which turns out to be an intuitive invitation. The staircase is an inviting element in the café, emphasised by marking the path, that replicates the traffic lanes of Boston.


Different elements such as newspaper clippings in the form of seats, metal fabrications to form enclosures are created to suit different frames of mind.


Interaction among design elements metamorphoses to a granular level, which although is visible to the eye, represents much more than just a concrete sensation. The metal fabrication gives enclosure and establishes relationship from part to whole by following the concept.


The details are exposed to the forefront, which radiates an overarching exposition – a symbiosis of space and story that becomes an alluring supposition of the construct. The café is riddled with homage to the city’s hustle with artifacts such as street lamps and bicycle.

About the architects


Badrinath Kaleru and Prerna Kaleru, an alumni of IIT Roorkee, founded Studio Ardete in 2010 as a think tank for innovation with the belief that every problem has the capacity to inspire unique and creative solutions that motivate growth. Badrinath’s vision is to design spaces that inherently transcend between the realms of art and architecture, enriching the lives of people inhabiting them, while Prerna advocates the idea of space is more with the belief that built spaces needs to celebrate the human existence. The duo’s work has been published on various national and international platforms and has been nominated and won several awards.

Project Details

Project name: Boston Bites.

Location: Mohali, Phase-10, Mohali Punjab.

Built area: 175 sq m.

Year of completion: 2018.

Architect firm: Studio Ardete.

Design head: Badrinath Kaleru and Prerna Kaleru.

Design team: Badrinath Kaleru, Prerna Kaleru, Anusha Sharma, Sanchit Dhiman,Ramandeep Rathour and Vidit Chaudhary.

Project management: Gaurav and Viman.

Electrical contractor: KNN Group.

Lighting consultant: The Luminars.

HVAC consultant: Daikin.

Paints: Asian Paints.

Veneers: Turakhia.

Photography: Ar Purnesh Dev Nikhanj.

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