Broken to Open: Tricks To Make the Most Of Your Drawers

Jul 27, 2015

Want to use old and vintage drawers to make something interesting for your home? Here are someDIYideas forhelp!


1. Wheel in your drawers to put them under the bed for some extra space. You can also add a pop of colour to them!


2. Place the drawer vertically, inclined towards the wall, to make a bookshelf out of it.


3. Creativity has no limits! If you have variety of drawers (in different colours &sizes), arrange them randomly for this beautiful look!


4. Here's something special for your cats and birds! You will simply need a few broken drawers and planks. Put them together and it's done!


5. A shelf without drawers seems like waste. But, you can make the best out of it by placing it in your kitchen. You can then arrange your utensils on it or turn it into a bar!


If you have something similar that you did to reuse drawers, share it with us!

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