Choose The Right Lamps For the 4 Most Essential Rooms of Your Home

Mar 15, 2016

Don’t you just love how lamps make any room look Oh-So-Magnificent? But you also don’t quite know the difference between the various kinds? Not to worry, you’re not alone. Let DezignGenie show you exactly what kind of lamp to use in which room! Read on to discover the world of elegance!


  1. Living Room: Since this is the first room you see when you enter home, let’s put this one on our priority. Getting down to technicality, use Floor Lamps to create the perfect ambience and team them with Table Lamps, which could act as fillers for areas that your floor lamps either barely reach or don’t highlight as much as you’d want them to! Furthermore, this is your first chance to show your guests your artsy side, why not get creative with your selection! Having said that, the placement of your lamps is as imperative as your choice: Remember, the living room is a conversation builder; your gorgeous lamps must not disrupt the purpose by getting in the way!

Floor & Table Lamps with complementing Ceiling LightFloor & Table Lamps with complementing Ceiling LightPerfect amounts of Floor & Table Lamps lighting the room upPerfect amounts of Floor & Table Lamps lighting the room up

If you swear by art deco or the classic style, Chandeliers & Pendant Lights might be your charm. Amaze yourself with elegant lighting which would be impressive designs by the day & light up your life during the night!

Pendant Lights accenting the Contemporary Table LampPendant Lights accenting the Contemporary Table LampModern Chandelier enhanced by Floor-to-Ceiling WindowsModern Chandelier enhanced by Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

  1. Bedroom: This room calls for similar lamp categories (What a relief! No new words). However, what must you be careful of while picking your lamps? Your Floor Lamps could be as extravagant as you’d like them to be, but the lamp on a small nightstand cannot be too overwhelming for the size of your table, and your room! Yes, as always, size matters. Here’s another tip for lampshades in your bedroom – complement them with the main shades of the rest of your furnishings (chair covers, curtains, rugs, cabinet covers, etc.)!

Stylish Table Lamp

Stylish Table LampLampshades Matching with the Room FurnishingsLampshades Matching with the Room FurnishingsRight Combination of Lights for the BedroomRight Combination of Lights for the Bedroom

  1. Dining Room: Food bloggers, you are going to thank us for this one! Love how delicious Indian food looks as much as it tastes? Why not enrich that experience by highlighting what’s been laid out on your table? Add some extra light by placing Buffet Lamps on a sideboard in your dining area! However, remember these lamps aren’t the focus of this room, the meal is, hence place these lamps in such a manner that they remain out of the direct line of vision for anyone sitting on any side of the dining table!

Buffet Lamps Enriching the Look of the Room

Buffet Lamps Enriching the Look of the Room


  1. Home Office: Are you a work-from-home professional? Make your day more efficient and productive with something as simple as your ambience. Usually people go for desk lamps, but what they don’t realize is the amount of space they occupy and the distraction they cause while working. Hence a more focused lamp type such as a Task Lamp that is preferably wall-mounted could automatically increase your energy with its brightness.

Spacious Table with the Right Kind of Lamps!Spacious Table with the Right Kind of Lamps!

Love to read? Flexible Reading Lights might just be what you’re looking for. They’re trendy, in style & very beneficial at the same time. Available in different styles, colors & sizes, you might just want to pick up one which suits your persona.


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