DIY - Affordable Home Improvement Projects Tips from SILA

Mar 27, 2018


Some improvements can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to guests or potential buyers if you are looking to sell. SILA offers a few affordable ways to upgrade your house which indirectly would upgrade the value of it and they all are Do It Yourself Projects. 

Paint - SILA

Paint the house:

Having your house painted is the simplest and most cost-efficient way to increase the value of the house. Light coloured walls make the house seem bigger and more appealing besides the usage of neutral colours such as beige, brown or white. Additionally, paint your front door, this will give a good visual to the buyer as soon as they see the house.

Lighting- SILA

Replace light fixtures:

A change in your light fixtures can give your home a big uplift, right lighting adds a certain edge to the house interiors. Home stores these days offer a huge range of good-looking and reasonable light fixtures. This is a completely low-cost Do It Yourself project.

kitchen - SILA 

Reorganize your kitchen:

You can simply reorganize your kitchen by purchasing new cabinets, adding new hardware or painting the kitchen. All of these comes at a very less cost and if not you can just move things around and place them in a different way to change the look.


Additionally, organize your closets, fix issues like a broken door or a chipped paint or simply decorate your house with flowers, wall art, paintings, decorative lights, etc.

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