DIY Gifts for your Brother on the eve of Bhai Dooj

Nov 13, 2015

Finally itís that time of the year when amidst all festivities, comes the festival of brother-sister bonding- BhaiDooj. Brothers signify the duty of protecting their sisters while the sisters pray for a long and happy life of their brothers. The ceremony ends with an exchange of gifts from both sides along with lots of sweets & blessings. Didnít yet figure out what to gift your beloved brother? Let us help you with some quick & thoughtful DIY gifts for your brother to decorate his home.
  • Marquee lights
These bring drama and excitement to any household even when the lights are put off. You can create these in any form or even in the initials of your brotherís name to make it personalized and shower some love.† A good paint finish makes this look like metal, isnít it cool? Marquee Light
  • Austere Arrows
These sleek copper arrows depict a home of a minimalist. If your brother is one, this is probably the best gift for him. You can paint these in any color as per the colour co-ordination of his home & can be used to hang on the wall or simply decorate a corner of the house. All you need are wooden rods, spray paints & paper hearts. Decorate & finish your rods & attach the paper hearts at the ends to cover them. Your arrows are ready! Dťcor Arrows
  • Photo Coasters
These printed coasters can carry anything at all, from a map of his favourite place to his favourite TV or comic characters or may be personalized photos of the both of you. What a sweet way of reminding him that you love him! You can also make personalized photo clocks or kitchen magnets in the same manner. Isnít this great? Personalized Gifts
  • Giant Jenga
Who doesnít love Jenga, right? Gift him a giant, colourful outdoor jenga that can be used for house parties or just to decorate a corner of the house. Cut boards, sand all the edges & paint them in fantastic colours. Your Giant Jenga is ready!! Giant Jenga
  • Marbling Cushions
We all love cushions, donít we? †They make us feel at home! You can make marbelized cushion covers by taking a big tub of water and pouring some oil paints and turpentine oil to create a pattern. Just put a satin fabric of your choice on top of it and take it out to dry after it has soaked in the paint. Hola! Your fabric is ready & all you need to do now is cut and stitch in the size of the cushion you desire! Marbling Cushions Get Bhai Dooj ready now! Hope you liked it & donít forget to let us know your feedback in the comments below! Wish youíll a very happy festive season. Stay Golden!

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