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Feb 17, 2016

Design Trends of 2016 Finally Revealed!

India Design ID by Asian Paints brought together some exceptional designers and architects for their annual episode of the design exhibition in New Delhi. India Design superseded last year’s exhibit by displaying great talent & creativity along with good organization & management.

Exhibit ID

India Design ID 2016 consisted of three main events –

  1. Exhibit ID (12th Feb – 14th Feb): Exclusive brands and designers displaying their work through installations and galleries
  2. ID Symposium (12th Feb – 13th Feb): Summit wherein the Forerunners of design, such as Amit Syngle, Suzanne Khan, Sanjay Puri, Chanya Kaur, and many more held panel discussions and seminars for the design community
  3. ID Satellite (5th Feb – 14th Feb): Various styles and trends flaunted in different design belts of Delhi

ID Symposium

Okay enough on the news, now the exciting stuff! Asian Paints has revealed the newest trends of the season!! Yes, a new hue, a different texture, a fascinating design, an artistic décor inspiration – A Transformed Trend coming your way designers, Buckle Up!

Let’s begin with the Colour of the Year – Madder Red! Imagining that old wall of your living room in the brand new style statement? Or did you just get your home redone? Don’t worry, in that case DG recommends a redefining madder red rug or cushions to compliment your furniture or your wall. For a more informed colour palette, watch out for Asian Paints online issue releasing soon – Colour Next LookBook ‘16.


Just a Sofa in Madder Red


Madder Red Enters The Bedroom!


Madder Red in The Living RoomMadderRed1Madder Red On The Wall

 Speaking of colours, change how you embellish that kitchen, designers! 2016 has brought upon us the Dark Age of the Kitchens… Dramatic, yet classy, isn’t it?

Dark kitchen2

Dark Kitchens!

Dark kitchen1

Dark Kitchens!!

The new home furnishing design pattern might take you by surprise – it’s more children centric… The Circus Collection! Vibrant colours, polka dots (or should we call them dollops of cuteness) and cute design characters are what DG recommends for this theme!

The Circus Collection

The Circus Collection

Do you love ‘em curves? Well then, start loving them on your new furniture as well! The newest design calls for curvy furniture – DG recommends soft-edged couches giving your home a futuristic feel.

Curvy Furniture

Curvy Furniture

Curvy Furniture

Curvy Furniture

Curvy furniture1

Curvy furniture

Turns out, apart from being healthy, fruits are also in-trend! Take a wild guess what we can now use them for? Don’t get naughty, designers… We meant lights and chandeliers!

Fruit Lights!

Fruit Lights!

Asian Paints has painted a rather fascinating picture for us this year! Let’s see what our stylists have in store for us with the trends revealed anew. Post your view of the new styles in the comments below.

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