Favourite Works by Charles Correa

Jun 17, 2015

Charles Correa, India’s greatest contemporary architect, passed away on Tuesday following a brief illness. He was an influential architect credited for the creation of modern architecture in post-Independence India.

Charles Correa interviewed by Shumi Bose and Herbert Wright at Durrants Hotel.

In his memory, we’ve put together some of his best and most admirable work (our favourites!)

He was the one behind the construction of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Museum at the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad


All of us call Navi Mumbai as a Planned city, but none of us ever thought about the person who actual planned the city – it was Charles Correa!


He was the founder of the Urban Design Research Institute in Bombay, which was dedicated to the protection of the built environment and improvement of urban communities.


His last project and one of his most important ones was the Ismaili Centre in Toronto, Canada.


We loved his work and will always fondly remember him. Here’s to his architecture having created indispensable memories in the hearts of all architecture lovers around India!

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