Liven Up Your Table Tops

Oct 14, 2015

Do you love changing your home decor every now and then?! If you are out of ideas, we know just the right way to liven up your old boring table tops. Here are 4 quirky ideas for you to try: o-GLOWING-TABLE-570 What you'll need: Colourful paper, old CD's, paints, mosaic tiles, last but not the least...Table!! 1. Pick a few old CD's and cut them into small pieces. Now stick the pieces on the table such that it covers the entire table top. recycled-diy-old-cd-crafts-3-1__605 2. Grab some colourful papers and cut them into triangles. Now stick them to create graphical patterns! custom-ikea-table5 3. Here's the most amazing look with the simplest technique! Take a few colourful tapes and stick them in straight lines! Mix 'n' Match is the cheat to this look! diy-tape-table 4. If you are an artist and love to paint... it's time to remove the magical brush and show some art! Ideas-for-Hand-Painted-Table-Tops 5. Create Mosaic patterns with pieces of tiles!MosaicTilingTableTop Have some thing similar to share? Comment below! OR simply follow us for more!

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