Nature’s Bliss: Capturing the sense of contemporary design with clean architectural lines

May 02, 2019

Nature’s Bliss is a beautiful home, which is set on the serene banks of River Godavari in Nashik. The client was in need of a luxurious apartment and Magic Houz has styled the apartment based on classic luxury theme. The firm has kept the abode modern with a touch of luxe element. The design of the apartment is an open plan with the living-dining space at its heart. The architects used this space to create a breath of fresh air by using subtle colour tones and textures, encompassing it with white coloured walls. Rose gold and brass as accents were used to highlight the centre tables and accessories. The kitchen has a statuario marble top with matte brown glass in a brass profile, giving it a contemporary look. The master bedroom has a pastel pink back wall and deep grey base. The wardrobes, having smoked glass profile shutters, add depth to the narrow passage and create a reflection.


All the elements combine freely in the surface, giving an incredible modern look to the house. It’s all about experiencing the space, understanding the functionality of each space and how you can make it beautiful while keeping it efficient.


Capturing the sense of contemporary design with clean architectural lines.


Metal accent pieces have been used along sofa-like brass rose golden piece.


The space is filled with modern architectural elements and furniture with dark hues, complimenting the surrounding colour palette including the wooden flooring. The entire combination makes it amiable to modernism.


Every idea, details and aesthetics are tuned together as per the client’s preference. The marble backsplash is a beautiful feature complimenting with the sleek golden border of the cabinets.


The contemporary chair makes in the room along with the other elements influences the whole geometry of the space.


In order to define the true value of the space, the furniture and the accessories compliments the flooring, thus creating a fresh look.


By incorporating key elements and décor styles, we have created a living space that suits the client’s unique lifestyle.


The room reflects casual yet elegant and active lifestyle by capturing the essence of selected space though different colour palette and textures.

About the architect


Magic Houz is a boutique design studio, co-founded by the dynamic duo – Ar Nilay Shah and Ar Sara Shah. After acquiring Masters in Design degree from Domus Academy, Milan, their love for classic modern design led to extensive research on European design and styling. Their works reflect a unique amalgamation of the two cultures, thus bringing out an original fusion of Indo-Italian design and culture. Their design philosophy features refined use of materials, sophisticated symmetry, coupling order with a burst of colours and strong silhouettes. Magic Houz offers a full range of design services including architectural design, interior design, styling and sourcing of Italian furniture for all residential, commercial and hospitality projects, making it a sole destination for holistic design. Besides, the firm specialises in styling and curating of furniture along with accessories and lighting from the best companies in Italy, all tailor-made to fit the requirement.

Project details:

Photo credit: Sehrish Qureshi

Developer: Bagad Properties.

Architects: Ar Sara Shah (Magic Houz).
Ar Nilay Shah (Magic Houz).
Lucia Brunetta (Prinitalia).
Apartment area: 2,250 sq ft.
Furniture supplier: Prinitalia Italy.

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