Nivasa Contemporary Founder, Saba Kapoor talks to CW Interiors

Mar 20, 2018

CW Interiors gets an exclusive with Saba Kapoor, Founder, Nivasa Contemporary.


-          What are the challenges of being a woman designer in the country?

I think there are challenges in every business and more so if you are a woman because nothing comes easy for us. When you are in the design trade, it is not just about the designing of the final product you have to see it's production through the entire process. Running a factory with over 200 male craftsmen brings with it endless challenges on a daily basis but the important point is not the challenges I face but how these challenges reduce with each passing day. The biggest barrier that we are trying to over come is that men have to get used to women being in charge. There has to be that receptive attitude towards gender equality. Despite being a country with talented women in all arenas be it e commerce,  architecture, cinema, photography et al it is still unfortunate that we have to hustle so much but the fact that I am moving towards reducing this disparity and being the change that one wishes to see is what keeps me going. 


-          How does your natural feminine instinct guide their designing process?

 Women I believe are inherent nourishers and care givers. Every new project and the process of design itself and building homes is very emotional and needs that extra effort to understand the customer and that I feel. Is what my instincts help me do. I connect with my clients, I understand their needs and their vision which allows me to design and create furniture that revolves around their lifestyle and is aimed to enhance it. 


-          According to you, have there been any past or current trends with a strong feminine form or instinct attached to it?

Design in itself is ever evolving and now with the continued championing of varied aesthetics and organic design I feel like the spaces have become more soft and open as opposed to just being very bland, structural and clinical. We are not open to design in all

It's glory! 


-          What are the global innovations that are changing the way women and design/architecture interact?

I think global innovations do not just limit themselves to men and women. These are tools and technologies that help in making lie easier and the same has helped women as well to be out there and chase their dreams. If we talk about being at grassroots level, I think the mere technology of being able to be on the internet, be connected, put your work out there has helped a lot of women in finding livelihoods and polishing their craft. If we talk abut women in the urban sector then the facility of visualising everything on the computer, have mock 3D models prepared, have access to hundreds of inspirational Archie tire and books on the internet has really Changed at how we approach design. Women are now able to have it all. 


-          What drives your practice?

Nothing can come out of work that is not your calling or your passion. Love, passion and dreams is what drives my practise. Love for discovering new designs, technologies and aesthetics is what keeps me motivated to design collections that are novel. Passion for my work and for design is what gets me out of bed every morning and the dream of making our clients' dream homes a reality is what gives me the strength to keep Pushing! 


Quick 5

-          Favourite Product Designer: My father- Rohit Kapoor

-          Favourite Architect: Zaha Hadid

 -          Your inspiration: Everything around me inspired me! Inspiration is everywhere you just have to find it! 

-          Favourite Quote: I have grown up listening to stories and life lessons narrated by my father. So there are honestly too many to list. But one of my favourites is “the harder you work, the luckier you get”

-          One invaluable lesson you’ve learned on the job: Things don’t always go according to plan- stay calm and find solutions- don’t waste your time dwelling over the obstacles. As they say, when the going gets tough.. the tough get going!


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