Rishi Pohare Residence: Showcasing the grand old Maratha lifestyle

Mar 11, 2019

The Rishi Pohare Residence is made with dual sensibility and speaks to the two generations that call it their home. Brainchild of Ritu Chanekar, Founder and Architect, Ritu & Associates, the design of this esteemed project is an amalgamation of two styles, namely, the vernacular Maratha and the contemporary chic. The exteriors follow a contemporary vernacular vocabulary with typical Maratha details derivedfrom traditional Marathi houses. Details like kavelu, fascia patti and wooden accents speak of the grand old Maratha lifestyle.The interiors are based on the same lines of its architecture, where the designers wanted to give the dwellers a blend of two styles derived for this residenceespecially keeping in mind the two opposite needs of the generations. The artwork, jaali and the juxtaposition arches all add up to maintain the vocabulary of the house.

Wood and MS is used for the entrance gate as the wooden battens with steel finished in a modern vocabulary. The nandi bail, a classic vernacular symbol of Maratha in India, stands in lazer cut MS silhouette.


Use of traditional motif jaali has been made. Materials like wood and kavelu roofs add a vernacular touch.


The entrance foyer is articulated with antique furniture refurbished to a modern taste. Pops of turquoise blue and yellow with a huge life size hand painting gives the space a homely yet grand entrance.


The bedroom space is the most used space in a residence, and hence, utmost importance is given to this idea. Using fine cut jaalis, exquisite false ceiling and accessories help build the interior climax.


The staircase area has a radical design. Unlike the typical staircase of a building, the residence celebrates flowing spaces. The stairs finishes with marble, glass and wood with hanging dazzled glass lights, providing a true smooth transition.


Smooth glossy finishes of modern era with pops of colour for earthy tones are to be seen in the living spaces.


Courtyard spaces are the most vital elements of a vernacular setting, hence the team has rendered them with a modern edge to make them the most attractive feature of the residence.


The exteriors of the house follow a contemporary vernacular vocabulary with typical Maratha details derived from traditional Marathi houses. Details like the fascia patti, kavelu roofs and wooden accents speak of the grand old Maratha lifestyle.


About the architect

Ritu Chanekar is an ardent architect with an experience of over 18 years in the design field. She holds a degree in architecture from PriyadarshiniCollege of Engineering and Architecture, Nagpur and has completed her Bachelors in Architecture with honours after being a university topper. She draws inspiration from the things aroundand thus surrounds herself with vivid artifacts. Being inclined towards using Indian elements, her career encompasses of unequalled designs based on modern Indian colours and designs with a rustic Indian taste. Her work ranges from commercial, hospitality to residential.

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