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Mar 26, 2018


Can your workspace handle the new ways of working, the mobile, global, nonstop reality of business today? As the hottest center of economic growth with a huge youth population, India is reshaping workspaces and how work is done. Steelcase has been leading the way in this segment. Here are some styles and trends as seen by their research teams.


The elements that Gen X and millennial workers are looking for in a workplace are vastly different than generations before them. There is a considerable shift in perception and India’s Gen Y is demanding a new social contract with the employer. Most notably, the new generation workforce are all participants in a convergence of technology that has flattened the globe, created new supply chains and shifted distributions of wealth. Due to the unique history and tradition, the newest generation of workers in India have their own sets of aspirations, expectations, and needs. How can your workplace be millennial-friendly?

Informal Spaces: Taking away the sea of blandness


Why are people migrating away from their desks? Creating an atmosphere where people want to be themselves without the stress of being in a competitive environment is a major ask. According to a 2018 Steelcase study, 43% believe that informal spaces can help build more trust. Younger and older generations agree—everyone likes informal spaces and uses them regularly—but for different reasons. Millennials are more likely to use dining/bar spaces to do focus work while older generations use these spaces for collaboration and socialization. Lounge spaces are used by millennials as a place for privacy while older generations use these spaces socially. Millennials are also more likely to use a wider range of informal spaces and to adjust their furniture, where older employees tend to pick favorite spots to use and leave their furniture settings alone. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that companies that offer more casual, inspiring spaces are perceived as being significantly more progressive than those who don’t.


Boosting Wellbeing: Movement in the workplace


Does wellbeing contribute to organizational success? More and more company leaders are considering the influence of the workplace and how it can be a major influence on employee wellbeing. Millennials want an energized environment that allows people more control over where and how they work. The younger workforce, more focused a healthy work life realizes that sitting in poor postures for long periods with little movement is causing additional stress. Offering a way to walk and work can wake up a worker’s metabolism and have a positive impact on overall health. This can be achieved by incorporating a range of spaces that let employees relax, rejuvenate and bring home to work.


In today’s workplace, people are seeking places that make them feel happy, comfortable or inspired. Ergonomically designed spaces play a critical role in attracting and retaining young talent. Driven by new ways of working, advanced technology, Millennials are and will continue to change the workplace completely.

Image Credits: Steelcase


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