The Punjab Grill: Catering an intimate culinary experience

May 25, 2019

The Punjab Grill at Khan Market in the capital is a fine dining, created to cater for an intimate culinary experience. Conceptualised to present an ambiance that can don the vibe of a mid-morning tête-à-tête or an evening soirée as much as a lunch or dinner, the composition of this unique diner redefines the genre of upscale restaurants.

The client’s requirement stipulated the need to create a design catering to the neighborhood and market regulars from the capital’s crème de la crème. Moving in tandem with the esteemed signature of the brand, ivpartners’ design team amalgamated a mood board with defined importance to the masters of the kitchen. With a global design concept revolving around the chef, the details were evolved to carry flavours of the local cuisine. The design is circumscribed around refurbishing an architectural inheritance of the colonial era, and thus, required the introduction of several amendments and on-site evolution of design planning.


The central restaurant dining is located on the first floor, arriving into via a flight of stairs.


Finished in black Italian marble, the climb has been made remarkable with vibrant framed artwork and leaf plate sculpture collages, which are placed against selected antique grey wall finish.


The existing dark circulation now stands bathed in the vitality of natural light with the inculcation of a skylight at terrace level. 


Natural light has been carefully infused into this scheme with full-height glazed fenestrations to allow for an all-day dining mood at both levels. Featuring variant seating configurations in shades of tan and olive greens, the space houses an amalgamation of white wall finishes with warm grey veneer wainscoting.


The panoramic experience unveils itself to appear as a dining scenario, decked in an aura of understated royalty. The experience of a traditional fare is subtly embraced in gold and chrome leaf plate sculptures in wall collage, inspired from the traditional serving of delicacies in pattals.


Mirrors have been utilised to resonate the enclosed volume and amplify the small spaces for visual comfort. A popular with the patrons of flamboyance is the stucco painted wall with adorning captures portraying the vibrancy of Punjab.


To create an understated opulence, the composition merges black hued jaali motifs against a white milieu to serve up the traditional vocabulary, while rendering the diner with a chic touch. Mainly envisioned with mood lighting, innovative shama votive type contemporary suspensions in the central bays are a subtle pointer to the yesteryears.


The backdrop to the mid-century modern furniture is decorated with accent colour stories that are vignettes of erstwhile royal and historic Punjab in black and white imagery.


About the architect


Ishvinder Kaur, the Founding Principal of ivpartners, discovered her fascination for the innovative field of design early, and found her stimulus while studying in Sushant School of Art and Architecture. In 2006, Ishvinder started her own practice and was soon joined by her partner Vikas Sabharwal, and since then, the duo have together led its evolution. As the spearheading leader of IV Partners, she has been working on various clubs, restaurants and multiplexes for a plethora of distinguished clientele.

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