Tips To De-Clutter Your Home by Kavita Shah

Aug 25, 2015

A cluttered space can be overwhelming and affects your overall productivity. It also brings about negative emotions and deflates your time management skills. 3449472 ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ this simply means, everything should have a place to be stored in when not in use. It is one of the simplest ways to start de-cluttering your home. Here are a few tips to get your started in organizing your space!
  • Using smart storage organizers is a great way to manage your space. There are many nice storage boxes, dividers and organizers available in stores as well as online. You can de-clutter and structure storage in your wardrobe with the help of jewelry organizers; sock organizers, ties and belt organizers which will help you keep it neat and clean. Use different colored boxes to store your seasonal clothing like winter wear, summer wear, and travel wear. It is a great way to differentiate and also makes you wardrobe look lively. And for those not interested in color can use labeled monochrome boxes for a cleaner look. You can also rack and organize clothes as per color or occasion depending on personal preference.
space saving jewellery organiser spcae saving sock organiser clothes-storage-containers
  • Sometimes, art and culture enthusiasts tend to have a display of many artifacts, paintings, accessories etc. which can be a little overwhelming. For example, all the four walls of one space could be filled up with too many paintings or photo frames. Perhaps the coffee table or end tables have too many objects placed on it.
In order to de-clutter chose one or two statement pieces from your collection to showcase your love for art. The rest can be well organized in a showcased area for a cleaner décor setting. mirror - doubling spaces
  • Décor with a dark colors make the space look small and more cluttered. If you have a small space it’s wiser to use lighter colors on the walls as well as for the drapes and other furnishings. If you already have a darker palette décor and repainting is not an option, add a mirror. It can double up and give the perception of a larger space.
  • Electronic items call for too many wires which show add to the mess and shabbiness. The use of wire managers and cable ties are a simple and effective way to tackle this. Whether its wires hanging near your TV unit or wires near your workstation, it’s a great idea to either have them concealed within a drawer or neatly tie them up.
cable and zip ties wire manager
  • Kitchens tend to get very messy. It is important to use smart storage systems available to keep them organized. This will help you get most things off the kitchen counter and have them concealed behind cabinets.
whiteboard in the insides Most or just tend to have kitchen refrigerators with too many magnets and notes which gives the space a messy, non-organized look. Instead, get the fridge magnets off and use a whiteboard or chalkboard on one free wall. Not only would this compliment the space in terms of design, but would also act as a functional element.


If there is no free wall to hang this, it could easily be concealed on the insides of a cabinet shutter. chalkboard in the internals of a cabinet shutter Once you have mastered the art of storage and organizing the process of de-cluttering is easy! It just becomes a matter of habit to regularly keep things in its place. clothes storage Having a cleaner and more organized room helps boost creativity and productivity. I hope these tips help you #FreeYourSpace!

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