Top 5 Out Of The Box Architectural Wonders

Aug 03, 2015

Does your love for design often findyou browsingstunning and innovative architectural structures world over?

We have picked our favorites for your fancy!These unconventional designs are sureto spark your interest to travel.


(Image Courtesy: Hobbit Housein Wales)

1.The Kuwait Cobra Tower or Burj Cobra is a concept generated by CDI Gulf International. Designed to look like two twistedsnakes going into the skies. This tower yet to be completed willhave air pressured tubes instead of elevators - A new age design which will showcase the perfect blend of creativity andutility.


2. TheRibbon Chapel by Hiroshi Nakamura gotits name from the pair of timber-clad staircase that wind around the exterior of the glass glazed building. This beautiful chapelis situatedon a grassy hillside onthe groundsof the hotel 'Bella Vista, Sakaigahama' overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.


3. Designedon the edge of a lake in Changsha, China the International Culture And Art Centre is yet under construction. It willinclude, agrand theatre, a contemporary art museum, a multipurpose hall and supporting facilities.


4. Building castles in trees. This luxury home estate has got it all, a tower, nature and rope walks ensuring itis a class apart.


Aquick look inside!


5.This home in Australia gives 'Living off the edge' a true meaning!Theedgy concept home, known as 'Cliff House' by Modscape, is taking design up a level.


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