#TrendsSeries Part 4 - Lighting and Electricals

Jul 01, 2015

New products in the market has added a new touch to illuminating spaces. Apart from form and functionality, there are also various energy saving lights, controlled lighting, environment friendly lighting to chose from today. While, LED lighting has become the norm, automation of lighting and curtain control air-conditioning system are soon gaining popularity amongst new home owners and those looking to re-do their spaces. Here’s listing a few trends to watch out for.


What’s In: Wireless light control


What’s Trending:

  • Mechanized window panes, integrated louvers and UPVC as an alternative to wood and aluminum doors and windows
  • Single exterior steel doors with wood like finish and large window panes are hot this season

LaForce June 28, 1011.  Photo by Mike RoemerLaForce June 28, 1011. Photo by Mike Roemer

Hottest of Them All:

Mechanized window panes and large 16×20 feet sliding doors


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