Washroom Waves

Jun 01, 2015

With purely functional designs history, the age of luxury and high-tech washrooms dawns. Today, it's more about creating a feel-good zone and making a personality statement.

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Lavish installations such as rain showers, bubble baths, whirlpools, steam baths, electric bidets, digital controls to programmed water flow, temperature and lighting as well as heated towel rails, under floor heating and waterproof speakers are among the host of new customization in the bathroom series of design. Bathroom customization enables the user to translate their vision of their own space by selecting parts of a set. LED bathtubs, Wi-Fi bathroom scales and even hands-free faucets are making their way into India. Wellness Wash The change from washing to wellness is a new trend that is catching up in India, with water being used for de-stressing. Bathroom components are being evolved to meet the demands for rejuvenation and relaxation and to create a spa-like environment in en suite bathrooms.



Showers can provide variable bathing experiences, like rain, mist, water fall and spout fall, and come with inbuilt music systems, which can be connected through a Bluetooth device. Waterfall showers, which provide a real-time waterfall bathing experience, are in demand. LED rain showers with colour changing LED's fitted within the showers for Chromotherapy are trending. However, there are cons to these trends, too. As most of theses gadgets are for high-end homes as they are expensive and require elaborate water filtration/softening systems. The large amounts of water consumption make it a very unsustainable solution. Going Green Sustainability in luxury bathrooms internationally means water and energy conservation and ecological manufacturing, using state-of-the-art technology. Many companies are now moving towards sustainable solutions. Duravit Rimless technology and the ME urinal makes use of simulation software to optimise flushing technology. Lighting Leads The current trend is toward sunnier washrooms with more artificial lighting, such as recessed lighting in the ceilings, indirect lighting that bounces off the walls, mirror lighting, shower lighting, remote controlled dimmers and coloured lighting. False ceilings are increasingly becoming a rage in the contemporary bathrooms front. Apart from the light sources being safe and suitable for humid environments, a high-end bathroom needs a connected LED lighting solution that integrates smart controls, networks, devices and adapts to suit the requirements. Cross-generation concept The cross-generation bathrooms, focusing on bathrooms that are user-friendly for all  from children, adults, senior citizens to the physically challenged  is yet to have any visible impact, though it is gaining momentum internationally. Material Magic Today, the material usage in bathroom products has come a long way from the traditional porcelain. The list is exhaustive wood, glass, granite, limestone, marble, natural stone, slate, mosaic,quartz, resin, mosaic, fiberglass, stainless steel, corian and so on.


KOHLER's Black ensemble

Some companies have also developed their own materials through research like Duravit's DuraCeram and DuraSolid A and Q. Acrysil Limited, offers washroom products under the brand name Sternhagen which has introduced their patented premium Quartz material SaniQ.


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