What Does Your Bedroom Colour Say About You?

Mar 21, 2016

Are you a Sunflower lover or believe more in Roses? Do you love the Green trees or stare at the Blue sky? All this burns down to a simple question. What does your favourite colour say about you? And what depicts you better than your own bedroom? It’s a reflection of you & is your perfect place for inner peace. DezignGenie brings you What your Bedroom colour actually has to say about you. Read on to find out!

layered neutral1

If your bedroom is Pale Blue and WhiteYour motto is the cliché `simple living and high thinking’. You are a lover of beauty and admire systematic work. You desire perfection in everything around you. DG recommends maintaining a light overall look by either keeping a pale blue striped accent wall complementing white walls, or pale blue sheets along soft white bed covers. To add an element of colour, throw in a flower vase, or paintings on a plain wall, or slightly darker and patterned drapes, etc. So what if you’re not all that adventurous, your room can still be fun and stylish! What’s even better is that with these tricks the size of your bedroom does not matter.

pale blue and white1

pale blue and white2

Layered Neutralsas we know them, are definitely timeless. They indicate a refined, sober and sophisticated personality. You are honest and truthful and love to follow rules and regulations. You have limited friendship and live a sophisticated life. DG recommends stressing on the “layered” bit for this colour scheme to avoid any boredom in the look! Your room could be any colour ranging from mushroom gray to almond white, emphasized with patterned and/or textured cushions, curtains, etc. However, this colour arrangement has a component of surprise in store – you can also bring in tanned wooden furniture as an accent to the room. This will not only distribute the focus on all colours, but will add on to the amount of highlights in your room!

layered neutral


layered neutral2

If your bedroom swears by Blush Pink and GrayYou are intelligent and quick-witted. You have a keen eye for detail. You love discipline and systematic work. You gel well with people younger and older to you. You love to crack jokes on others but rarely appreciate the same on yourself. You are a creative person and an egoist of sorts. This colour pairing can be categorized as modern chic, elegant, classic, and the list goes on. And this isn’t even the best part; this palette invites subtle metallic, furniture with a raw-wood finish, rustic accessories, etc. making this a blend of matt and gloss!

pink and grey1

Coral and Contemporary Gray? You hate being alone and generally prefer a companion. You are fond of change and a follower of fashion. State of the art technology is what you have in your life. You prefer to be among the masses but lack perseverance. DG recommends making beautiful accents out of the Corals. Gray walls, white furnishings and dashes of coral on each piece… the most ageless look you could give to your room.

coral and gray

Warm Beige with Splashes of Bright Colours say that you have a very imaginative brain. Your thoughts are clear and well organized. You desire to lead the world and end dogmatism. You are a very reliable & energetic person and always have a hidden desire to be appreciated for your efforts (though you do not speak that openly). You love a clean colour pattern with a touch of fun! DG recommends throwing in a mixed background of beige and white with outlines of brown on smaller decoratives. Wait, we’re not done yet – this look can be topped with more bright florals on different pieces of furniture! With this, you’ve put together the most energetic and refreshing bedroom of all time.

beige with colour

Has this article depicted the inner you or helped you choose your colour better for your new room? Or have you tried something totally different with yours? Share with us in the comments below!

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