Wrapped Architecture: A perfect mix of minimalism, curves and lines

Apr 23, 2019

Located on the outskirts of Surat, Wrapped Architecture is spread across 9,361.2 sq ft of plot area. The structure, which has been designed by Vatsaal Thakkar-lead Spacce, is known to create a balance in space by merging the exteriors within the interiors. A perfect mix of minimalism, curves and lines is reflected on its exteriors and interiors. The genre of this escape home revolves around rustic yet modern look, complementing its cosy lighting. Its basic layout is structured in a way that it divides the floor space lavishly between the rooms. Huge openings provide ample light and direct contact with nature, while the as artificial lighting is formulated using materials like wood logs, cement board, jute, etc.

The C-shape treatment on the façade wraps the floors, and unifies them together. Muted colour tone of the concrete along with warm lights, creates a subtle yet elegant look. The outdoor area is filled with soft-scape. Sheer nature of the railings provides an unhindered view into the lush green.

A special cutout is created over the casing of the ground floor, creating a geometric circular
void in a solid ceiling and allowing the tree below, grow and blossom to its full strength. Large
openings provide a direct contact with the nature outside. The need for green is met
adequately, making the building envelop its salient feature.


A swimming pool with a cascade fall, adds beauty to the landscape. The place is designed for relaxation and family gatherings. The experience lets you escape the busy day-to-day life and enjoy the silent and unheard stories of nature.

The chandelier of greens is an eye-catching feature of the house, which is placed parallel to the curve of the staircase. The non-traditional railing, made out of rope and hung from the head room, makes this space stand out. The stairwell wall is a combination of solid and jali work, thus providing ventilation.

The chandelier at the staircase is a highlight as it does not just possesses lights but also has beautiful creepers planted in a bamboo shoot that spiral around the suspenders of the chandelier. The combination of materials like exposed concrete, staircase in MS fabrication, jute rope and bamboo with greens, adds eminent features and beauty to the space.

The ground floor comprises of a capacious living room, parent’s bedroom and a kitchen and dining area. Large openings provide a direct contact with the exteriors surroundings. The lighting is in-house formulated. The house is embellished with minimal furniture in raw finished form to justify the spacious feel.

Raw wooden furniture are used in the parent’s bedroom. The colour palette that runs around the place is in earthen tones. Every space has a plank for lighting that is made either from cement board, jute or wooden logs.


The rough texture reddish-brick coloured wall highlights the daughter’s room, creating an earthy ambience. The room is adorned with minimal and modern furnishings with a cosy couch, a bed and a small study table made up of raw wood. The twin couch sofa with a twin lamp beside is placed for two sisters to spend playful time together.

The exposed concrete and the lush green landscape blends seamlessly with the raw wooden furniture and exposed brick wall interiors. The overall ambience of the room provides earthy complexion and warm feeling in the master bedroom.


About the architect

Surat-based designer Vatsaal Thakkar had set up his studio Spacce in 1994. In 2008, Spacce had bagged the commendation award at the IIID-MK Awards ‘08 for its own office interiors in corporate interior category and later in 2011, the firm won another commendation award for a corporate project in work space category at the IIID-ANCHOR Awards ‘11. Other than that, the firm had also earned IIID-MK Awards ‘02 nomination at national level in residential category. Under Thakkar’s guidance, the firm has worked on few multiple projects such as residential projects, office interior works and restoration project. Since its inception, the firm has always responded to the users’ needs with utmost care from the time of initiation to completion of the project.

Contact: Spacce.
Address: 73, Maher Park-A, Athwagate, Surat-395 001.
Tel: 088-6622 1835.
Mobile: (0) 98795 16084.
E-mail: spacce@interiorsvatsaal.com
Website: www.interiorsvatsaal.com

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