A Chair That Takes The Shape Of Your Body!

Jan 03, 2017

India’s leading turnkey solutions provider, Vector Projects, has multiplied its range of innovative properties with their newest product: Q-Fold chair. Versatile in nature, this functional and appealing latest addition is a perfect fit for one’s office or home. Chic and intriguing, Q-Fold is crafted to take into consideration the user’s figure by offering adequate comfort and support to the body.

Mr. Umesh Rao, Founder & CEO, Vector Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd. puts this invention forth as an amalgamation of “ergonomics, technology and order design”, as it is designed keeping in mind the human body conformation principle. Structured to alleviate the lumbar region pressure, this chair seamlessly blends with the body when someone sits in it. With each movement the 2:1 proportion of moving angle between the backrest and seat mat balances the body from feet to back and also provides a long-lasting style for any lounge application. A classy addition to any space, Q-Fold is comfortable, bold and beautiful that adds a dash of style to any space.

This sleek chair has two types – round and rectangle, available in striking colours: pink and blue in the round variation, and yellow and black in the rectangle variation.

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