Christmas Tree Trapped Inside A Huge Ice Cube

Dec 05, 2016

British artist, Alex Chinneck, freezes a seven-meter-tall Christmas tree inside a two-ton block of resin, shaped to look like an ice cube, in London's infamous Kings Cross, amongst the colourful fountains outside Central Sain Martin’s Granary Square campus.

To make it a “quirky installation” as mentioned by Mr. Chinneck, the puddle around the ice cube is made out of 250 kgs of clear wax for the melting effect, while the cube emits a bright nightglow through the 1,200 lights placed inside.

Chinneck, who specialises in architectural installations featuring optical illusions, has spun his magic around London town in a house in Margate with a slumping brick delusion and an apparently levitating building in Covent Garden's Piazza.

Other design and architectural activities taking place across the city include an upside-down Christmas tree suspended from the ceiling of Tate Britain, and an immersive Christmas tree installation by Apple's Jonathan Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson.

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