Frazer and Haws brings an exquisite range of Christmas Products in sterling silver

Dec 18, 2017
The ornaments we typically see around Christmas and associate the festival with are the tree, reindeer, snowman, candy canes, Santa Claus, Holly, Wreaths, candles, stars and the like. In keeping with the tradition, Frazer and Haws has launched a range of small collectibles like photo frames, card holders, candle stands, bookmarks and car hangings featuring Santa’s cap, angels, bells and snowflakes,crafted in sterling silver and coloured etching, these items will add a unique charm and glamour to your giftables.

Angel means 'messenger’ in Greek.The angels had an important role to play in Christmas, bringing forth the news of Christ’s birth to the shepherds. The bells are also believed to announce the arrival of baby Jesus. Symbolically, the tinkling sound of the bells guide the lost sheep back to the fold, just like the Lord would guide us to walk in his path. The snowflakes represent the cold winter and their unique patterns add that decorative touch during the holiday season.

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