Greenlam Industries Ltd. Bags The Singapore Indesign 2016 – Viewer’s Choice Award

Dec 02, 2016

One of the winners of the Singapore Indesign 2016 (SGID16) Reader’s Choice Award is Greenlam Industries Ltd., who has been voted by viewers and readers themselves.

Housed in SGID16’s Curated Space, the large, grid-like freeform structure used over 600 eco-friendly laminates from Greenlam. Their installation, ‘Sanctuary of Refuge’ was intricately designed with each unit possessing pockets that enabled various pieces to be put together, forming furniture, walls and canopy to function as a temporary shelter for people in need. Reverberating with Greenlam’s desire to pass on “a social message”, as stated by Banita Mishra, General Manager, Marketing, Greenlam Asia Pacific, their installation represented the emotional journey of refugees and homeless individuals, before they actually find peace and security. 

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