Noiseless Bathtub Filling at The Push of a Button by Viega

Nov 29, 2017

Enjoy automatic bath filling with the Viega Multiplex Trio E that controls the temperature and water level, allowing you to take a bath under the perfect setting. This complex, yet easy to use automatic controller fills your bathtub with the push of a button. Viega has expanded its successful product family of electronically regulated bathtub fittings. The two versions of the Muliplex Trio E combine intuitive operating comfort with excellent design making them suitable for hotels and high-end residences. Users have the option to individually set the temperature and filling level for the bathtub. The Trio E controller also has a memory function that stores and recalls the setting allowing you to experience the perfect bath on a daily basis.

Two operating elements: The user can choose his preferred settings in an intuitive and self-explanatory way using both operating elements. The desired temperatures, as well as command “water stream”, are selected on the Multiplex Trio E2. The second element controls the water volume as well as switching to the hand shower. An illuminated light indicates current values by colour intensity. If the user has saved the preferred settings, the electronically controlled bathtub fitting controls the water level and the temperature. When the desired water level has been reached, the flow stops automatically. There is no need to watch the bathtub when filling.

The Multiplex Trio E3 version goes one step further in technical development – one of the operating elements is fitted with a display. This shows the current temperature and, at a touch, the user menu displays all other functions for filling the bathtub. The subtle design language clearly focuses on the style.

Both bathtub fittings offer protection against scalding and are equipped with a temperature shut-off. Users who wish to have the water warmer with a temperature more than 38 °C must consciously continue to turn the operating element clockwise. In this case, one revolution only increases the temperature by two degrees.

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