Nurturing Green Studio’s initiates ’gift a plant’

Nov 16, 2017

Located at Huda City Centre (Gurugram) Nurturing Green Studio is now recognized as one of the biggest Indian company in the space of green gifting products that fit with the eco-friendly values. Established in 2009, Nurturing Green started from humble beginnings and has now grown into a studio encompassing 100+ employees and 25 retail touch points all over India. Moreover, with a sprawling studio spread over 13,000 sq. feet.

Nurturing Green’s 13,000 sqft enclosure has become a safe haven, as the O2 Chamber (The Oxygen Chamber) placed at Nurturing Green Studio equips residents to battle pollution by serving unadulterated oxygen. The Nurturing Green studio also has a “Dome”, inside which there is special air purifying plants which is recognized by NASA like Areca Palm, Peace lily, Sansivierra etc. of more than 12 varieties and mechanical air purifiers.       

Mr. Annu Grover, Nurturing Green Studio's MD and Ecopreneurist, has ensured that the Studio source only the best quality products from all the over the world ranging from Outdoor Furniture, Fountains & Water Bodies, Sculptures, Flooring to Grills & Barbeque, Vertical Garden, Fencing & Partitioning, Planters and other garden accessories so that people are empowered with lovely, affordable and premium gifting solutions. The concept of Green Gifting is to revolutionize the landscape of how gifting is perceived in India.


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