Philips Lighting Releases New Human-Centric LED Light Range For Hospitals

Dec 23, 2016

Philips Lighting, a global leader in lighting, announced its third generation Philips HealWell lighting system that is specifically developed to support sleep, biorhythm and improve patients’ and staff’s experience, comfort and satisfaction in healthcare facilities.

According to research, high levels of light during the day help to regulate the human body clock, hence by simulating natural daylight patterns in hospitals, Philips HealWell automatically manages this rhythm. There is an option for patients and staff to control individual settings as per their comfort. The staff needs high levels of functional light for a better working environment of tending to patients.

Philips HealWell generation 3 is completely LED-based and uses Philips Tunable White SmartBalance luminaires and Philips Color Kinetics Color Cove lighting. HealWell can be installed as a standalone system or as part of the hospital’s centralized lighting system. It is controllable by a Philips Dynalite management system, which can include energy monitoring and eventually be used to support integration into building management systems. 

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