Recycled 3D LED Light Diffuser Now On The Market!

Jan 03, 2017

The award-winning architectural studio, Margot Krasojević, predominately explores renewable energy, sustainability and environmental issues within architecture and product design through the lace LED, which is a 3D printed product design investigating the importance of recycling and repurposing plastic.

The LED light diffuser is printed with recycled post-consumer plastics like synthetic polymer packaging found in take-away food containers as well as 3D printer off-cuts. 


The Lace LED is an example of scale invariance; an exact form of self-similarity where at any magnification there is a smaller piece of the object that is similar to the whole.

These complex shapes direct LED light through the entire pattern, which diffuses, deflects and refracts light creating a moving shadow whilst focusing it. The form is the antithesis of the mass-produced recycled bottles and waste used in its fabrication. The parametric design pattern comes in an infinite sequence of configurations from digital model to printed object.

The LED bulb is energy-efficient, emitting no heat the LED is a bright 60 Candela white warm visible for 4 metres in a dark room.

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