Grohe launches Smart Control: The Future of Bathrooms

Nov 28, 2017

Grohe brings to India, a revolutionary technology for an unparalleled bathroom experience. Introducing the exquisite, elegant and extremely stylish Smart Control Shower. Grohe Smart Control Showers combine multiple breakthrough technologies in one shower system. It matches the intuitive interface of push button and volume control technology with the precise control of GROHE’s best-in-class thermostat along with industry-leading shower head.

Push Button & Volume Control: GROHE Smart Control showers have replaced the decades' old diverter system with an intuitive set of buttons that you press to turn on the shower and an integrated volume knob that you adjust for required water flow. You can control multiple shower patterns using these buttons.

GROHE Thermostat: GROHE thermostats are recognised as the best in the industry. An engineering marvel, GROHE thermostats adjust precisely to desired water temperature within 0.3 seconds – literally in the blink of an eye. Beyond that, GROHE thermostats constantly adjust the flow of hot and cold water so that the user never goes through a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ shock in the middle of a shower. It also has safety features built in including automatic water cut-off in case either of water sources unexpectedly stops, the GROHE cool touch that prevents metal parts from heating up as well as a temperature lock system to prevent accidental changes in temperature setting.

GROHE Shower Head: GROHE shower heads have recognised the world over for the high quality of craftsmanship that combines Space technology rubber materials that never clog up with a shower head design that covers the entire body profile for a shower experience that is difficult to beat. The GROHE Smart Control Showerhead has two different shower patterns – an invigorating rainshower to kickstart your day as well as a relaxing Bokoma Spa pattern to help you unwind after a tiring day.

A thickness of only 10mm, its super slim design makes the Grohe Smart Control concealed wall plate elegant and space saving. It’s the high-quality materials crafted with the care that makes it seem like the Smart Control is from the future with a look of today.

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