US Elections Benefit Makers of Grow Lights and LEDs for Horticulture

Nov 22, 2016

The US Elections have positively affected one part of the LED lighting industry: companies that make LED grow lights. This is due to several states voting to legalize either recreational use of marijuana or medicinal marijuana. So far Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas approved medical marijuana initiatives, and California, Nevada, and Massachusetts have chosen to legalize recreation marijuana use.

Marijuana/cannabis growing industry, being the most energy-intensive one will need to switch to LED-based grow lights as the legalization of marijuana will cause a stark increase in demand.

Recent studies including a study from the Netherlands have proven that LED lighting can help grow cannabis with more medicinally active substances such as Cannabinoid Oil (CBN) and therefore can make more potent plants.

Philips has commercialized its GreenPower and Lumileds LED lighting product lines for horticultural and agricultural applications, which are expected to see more profits. A smaller LED lighting firm, Lighting Science has reportedly doubled its sales after releasing its LED grow light product VividGro. 

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